Top 5 Dangerous Facts About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can develop after one use. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Follow these helpful tips to prevent addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Cocaine Addiction and Your Teen


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Dangers of Cocaine

Cocaine has been portrayed in the media as a glamorous drug used by celebrities and film icons. Individuals may experiment with Cocaine due to its prestige and excitement without considering its consequences and health risks.

As an adolescent’s parent or legal guardian, you are your children’s first line of defense against drug addiction, from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The Effects of Cocaine Addiction On Your Overall Health

Cocaine is a drug that provides stimulation to the nervous system. Consumption of Cocaine creates fleeting feelings of euphoria, increased alertness, chattiness, and a sense of approval. Individuals high on Cocaine can also demonstrate excessive sweat, appear irritable, dizzy, and sometimes feel nauseated or exhibit vomiting. Individuals coming off the high from cocaine effects exhibit feelings of depression, delusional behavior, or paranoia,

Serious Side Effects

The use of Cocaine increases an individual’s blood pressure and heart rate, which can result in arrhythmia or lethal heart attack even if someone does not have an underlying condition. Cocaine has also been known to induce seizures and strokes.

Cocaine is A Highly Addictive Substance

Individuals who experiment with Cocaine run a high risk for addiction. Cocaine is extremely addictive. Trying Cocaine even once can lead to wanting to continue to use; the cravings are almost immediate and become intense, increasing the amount of Cocaine an individual consumes. Once the person is hooked, if they don’t use Cocaine frequently, they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, lethargy, muscle weakness, reduced comprehension ability, and feelings of depression. Addiction to Cocaine does not have an easy cure. However, cocaine addiction is treatable; however, receiving a medically supervised drug detox and professional rehab treatment center is recommended for the best result.

How Do People Use Cocaine?

Cocaine addiction in New Jersey begins when some purchases a bag or vial of cocaine powder. The individual will either snort, inhale or inject the Cocaine. A form of Cocaine is known as crack. Crack is made by taking Cocaine and mixing it with water and baking soda, and it hardens. Crack is much cheaper than Cocaine, and smoking crack provides the user with an intense high, increasing the risk of addiction.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Knowing the signs of cocaine use is the first step in getting help for your adolescent, but some signs are hard to spot. If you notice the following signs, search for a cocaine addiction treatment program in NJ before the addiction takes control.

  • Begins to isolate themselves from family and friends
  • Changes friend groups and ignore old friendships.
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Loses interest in hobbies
  • Doesn’t return home at night or runs away
  • Difficulty sleeping or decreased appetite
  • Sudden weight loss or lack of personal hygiene
  • Money is missing.
  • You located drug paraphernalia such as lighters, spoons, vials, baggies, rolled bills, straws, or drug residue.
  • Demonstrates behavioral issues and seems overly agitated and argumentative

Steps You Can Take

To prevent your teen or someone you care about from using Cocaine, Crack, or other substances before addiction begins, follow these helpful tips:

Set Clear Boundaries & Keep Communication Open

Educate your family on the dangers of drugs and the risk of addiction. Don’t be judgemental. Let your family know they can ask any questions and share anything on their minds.

Discuss Local News

Don’t shield your family from accidents that have occurred or newsworthy stories about the consequences of drugs and alcohol.

Just Say No

Let your children know that if they don’t feel comfortable somewhere or with something, its ok to say No!

Don’t body Shame

During the teenage years, kids experience hormonal changes, fluctuation in weight, body odor, and acne, and are trying to figure out how to dress, act, and exist. Don’t make it harder for your teen by nagging them about their bodies. Promote a healthy lifetsyle and fill your refrigerator with healthy options.

Teach Coping Skills

As your child begins to grow older they will be faced with situations that are challenging. They are most likely used to their parents taking on a lot of the stress and organizing the schedules. As they encounter these challenges and changes, they may experience increased stress. If they don’t have the coping skills to process the stress, they may turn to drugs or alcohol to combat anxiety or depression.

Practice What You Preach

Don’t smoke or vape in front of your children. Do not use illegal drugs or drink and drive. Showing your teen how to be a responsible adult will help them gain real-life knowledge.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you suspect your teen is using Cocaine or other drugs, inform your child’s pediatrician. The doctor can also look for warning signs. Reach out to a cocaine detox center in NJ to begin the first stage of addiction treatment.

To find out more information about cocaine addiction treatment in NJ, contact Avatar Residential Detox Center today at (973)-774-7222.

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