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Regular consumption of drugs results in substance addiction. According to data, deaths from substance use are around 11.8 million every year. We provide medically assisted alcohol or drug detox therapy with a personalized approach.

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About Detox

The Importance of Detox Treatments

When you have been consuming alcohol or drugs regularly, your body becomes dependent upon them. When you reduce intake or stop using altogether, your body will begin to experience withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal will include unpleasant mental and physical side effects. Detoxing from alcohol and drugs can be not only uncomfortable but dangerous, which is why we recommend receiving medically supervised detox treatment at our renowned detox center located in Northern New Jersey to regain health and stability. Once individuals have completed detox, they can transition into our sober living residential facility, significantly increasing their odds of long-term recovery and reducing their risk of relapse.

About Detox

Learn About Detox Programs

Our addiction center offers safe and supervised detoxification that strictly adheres to international drug and alcohol withdrawal clinical practices.
We offer several treatment types, such as alcoholism treatment, treatment programs for substance use disorders, and mental health conditions. All our rehab programs are customized to suit your individual needs and promote long-term recovery. Get the support you need from a team that cares.. Whether it’s detox, inpatient, or aftercare, treatment will address not only the addiction but any co-occurring illnesses.

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