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Our aftercare planning assists individuals in recovery in managing anxiety, distressful thoughts, and drug cravings.

About Aftercare Planning

What is Aftercare Planning for Substance Use Disorders?

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center understand that aftercare planning is one of the most critical phases for every individual undergoing a recovery program. Our staff knows that addiction recovery is a lifelong process and doesn’t end with inpatient treatment. Aftercare plans to aid in long-term addiction recovery and prepare individuals to start a productive life in recovery. After completing a successful medical detox program, followed by inpatient addiction treatment, we provide our patients with definite aftercare treatment plans to maintain sobriety.

Long-Term Recovery

How Avatar Helps You Create Your Aftercare Plans?

Our aftercare planning center in NJ develops plans for each client based on future challenges in maintaining sobriety and related solutions. However, family members & loved ones play a huge role in executing proper aftercare planning and support systems. Medical professionals and Case Managers at Avatar develop the most suitable and personalized aftercare plans based on the client’s unique needs that essentially aid in combating substance abuse.


Your Treatment Options

Aftercare plans can be categorized as continued substance abuse treatments where patients are provided with a different combination of post-detox treatment options such as:

What Happens After Rehab?

Why Is an Aftercare Plan Important?

According to the latest statistics, when people suffering from various Substance Use Disorders (SUD) participate in aftercare treatment programs, there is a considerable decrease in relapse risk. Aftercare Plans help individuals cope with triggers, stress, and cravings they may face when inpatient treatment ends.

Our continued treatment option’s primary goal is to provide a level of care that prevents relapses and molds people into better individuals in society. Our specific aftercare plans are based on sound relapse prevention strategies and outpatient follow-up approaches such as:

1. Alumni programs

As part of our aftercare plans, clinicians at Avatar, the best aftercare treatment center in NJ, extend the invitation to all patients graduating from our drug detox programs to participate in our supportive group alumni programs. Our Alumni Program is comprised of individuals in recovery that have completed one of our addiction treatment programs. Maintaining recovery outside of our facility can be a challenge. It helps to have the support of individuals that were once in the position you are currently. These recovery community relationships will allow you to participate in sober activities and be around individuals that support your recovery goals.

2. Recovery Meetings

These informal get-togethers and recovery meetings aid in keeping you on the right track to maintaining a sober lifestyle. It helps to speak with other people in recovery outside of a treatment facility. These support groups allow individuals to share their personal experiences. During aftercare planning, our case managers will help you connect with support groups in your area. At these meetings, you will meet individuals in recovery who want a sober life, learn new skills to conquer addiction cravings, receive emotional support, and have a group of people hold you accountable. Recovery meetings are a great reminder that you are not on the journey of recovery alone.

3. Individual Therapies & Family Counseling

At our Avatar Aftercare Treatment Center in NJ, we organize individual & group counseling sessions at our for our clients and their loved ones to educate them on various aspects of addiction and the importance of developing favorable attitudes towards the individual in recovery. We also work together to improve coping skills to provide continuing care for individuals and families. Long-term sobriety is the result of a good aftercare plan. Our individualized continuum of care plan offers a high level of support and services to improve your chances of successful long-term recovery dramatically. We help you to become the person you were meant to be and live a life of sobriety!

Pick-up and Drop-Off by Avatar

Avatar Residential Detox Center offers complimentary 24 hours, seven days a week pick-up and drop-off options. Our facility coordinates transportation for individuals without access to attend their necessary healthcare appointments and Avatar treatments. Special consideration for people with physical disabilities.

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