Case Management

Our facility is equipped to treat and manage dual diagnoses and assist each client in paving the path to long-term recovery.

Friendly communication with drug abuse patients for support at Drug Detox Center
About Case Management

What is Case Management?

We assign a dedicated case manager to identify and understand individuals’ unique addiction problems, which is why we are one of the top detox centers in New Jersey. We treat all of our clients with special care and compassion. Our case managers assess the client’s needs and provide appropriate support systems. Helping our clients achieve their set goals and overall success are the foundations of being a case manager. We assist in planning for crises outside of our residential facility to ensure clients have developed coping skills to cope with any difficulties they may encounter.

Case Management for Substance Abuse

Coordination of Care : Avatar Substance Abuse Case Management in NJ

Intensive case management for substance abuse helps understand hidden, complex substance disorders and promotes high-level care. The case manager is responsible for engaging with patients and their family members to coordinate all patient care activities. Managed care integrates drug detox, recovery, and rehabilitation treatments to improve retention outcomes.

Avatar’s case managers ensure that treatment is structured to ensure smooth transitions to the next level of care, avoid gaps in service, and respond rapidly to the threat of relapse.

Roles & Responsibilities of Our Case Managers

From coordinating various medical disciplines to ensuring on-time therapeutic plans and evaluating rehabilitation treatments’ progress, the roles and responsibilities of case managers are umpteen. Our case managers are professionally trained to establish a successful recovery path for individuals suffering from substance addiction and mental health issues. Glance through the role of our case managers for substance abuse services for drug and alcohol case management in NJ.

Consultation at regular intervals is done at Avatar Residential Detox Center
Emotional and Mental support at Alcohol and Drug Detox Center

Role of Our Case Managers:

  • Case Managers Serve as the Main Point of Contact for Family Members.
  • Initial Screening & Assessment of individuals Exposed to substance use disorders.
  • Participate in Developing Personalized Treatment Plans for Patients.
  • Referral and service coordination for behavioral health.

  • Managing the Booking & Appointment System.
  • Your Close Confidant in Recovery
  • Formulating Case Plans.
  • General Services Administration.
  • Helping with Financial and Insurance Matters.
  • Determine the Progress of Medication.
  • Arranging the Right Complementary Therapies.
  • Coordinating a Multitude of Medical Disciplines.
Mind, Body and Spirit

Case Management Mental Health

Avatar Case Management services in NJ are designed with the client’s mental health as our main priority. A case manager is also assigned to share the correct information with patients and family members that will help them implement a favorable home environment to foster lasting recovery.

Our Duty

Your Close Confidant in Recovery

We care so much about your privacy. Throughout the treatment process, our case manager’s responsibility is to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s personal information and treatment plans. The overall monitoring and coordination of addiction recovery programs for developing a continuing care plan is our utmost responsibility.

Case Management at Alcohol and Drug Detox Center

We Accept All Major Health Insurance

We believe that insurance should never be a barrier to individuals when seeking help for substance abuse. Our staff will verify and be more than happy to explain your medical benefits to you at no charge before you begin treatment. For individuals without insurance, we have incredibly affordable services and flexible payment plans so that everyone can get the treatment they deserve.