Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in NJ

Our residential inpatient treatment programs aim at cleansing the body of toxic drugs and promoting long-term recovery through our evidence-based therapeutic solutions. At Avatar Residential Detox & Recovery Center, we offer one of New Jersey's top inpatient addiction treatment programs. Our program includes clinical assessments, group therapy, family therapy, nutritional awareness, holistic healing, medication management, aftercare planning, and more.

Residential Treatment

What is Inpatient Treatment?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 1.5 million people sought inpatient treatment in various drug rehabilitation centers in 2015 for substance abuse. Detox, short for detoxification, is when the body gets rid of alcohol or a specified drug. Detoxing from alcohol or any form of medicine should always be done under medical supervision to have lasting effects. Inpatient treatment is when a patient stays in our residential inpatient treatment facility, the time frame will depend on each individual. We provide 24 hours of medical and emotional support without the distractions of daily life. Inpatient Residential Treatment NJ also has a higher success rate also has a higher success rate. Looking for a place to start your recovery? Contact Avatar Residential Detox Center today.

Inpatient Care

Treatment Process

Avatar provides medical detoxification with a key difference, because we customize our detox programs to meet the needs of each client. We give clients Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, and Specialty Therapies, along with recreational activities in a tranquil environment, which helps heal.


Types of Substance Abuse Services:

There are several drug addiction and alcohol treatment services offered at Avatar. A few include clinical assessments, group therapy, family therapy, nutritional awareness, holistic healing, medication management, aftercare planning, etc. At Avatar we have experienced addiction specialists who effectively rely on a range of evidence-based therapies to treat any drug or alcohol addiction.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Substance Abuse Treatment with Specialty Therapies

Patients are encouraged to participate in various therapeutic modalities at Avatar, including but not limited to 12 Step Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Therapy, Earthing Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and more.

At Avatar, inpatient detox is a crucial first step in treatment that allows a complete and customized focus on safe withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Our residential alcohol and drug recovery center provides clients with the necessary education on the disease of addiction and assists in developing strategies to continue ongoing recovery outside of the facility.

Why Choose the Best Inpatient Treatment Center in New Jersey?

The first step to getting help is inpatient alcohol or drug detox. There are several alcohol treatment centers and drug abuse programs available within the state. However, when searching for a New Jersey inpatient substance abuse treatment center, look no further because Avatar Residential Detox & Recovery Center is the best place to begin the journey to a life free from addiction.

About Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Advantages of Substance Abuse Detox Programs in NJ

1. In-depth Addiction Assessment

At Avatar Residential Detox Center in North Jersey, we help you overcome addiction and continue to lead an addiction-free life. The first step of our assessment consists of an initial evaluation. We assess the client’s vitals, check for dehydration and confirm if alcohol or drugs are present in the blood or urine.

To create a customized rehabilitation program, clients will be asked a series of questions about their alcohol use or drug consumption habits. A brief substance abuse history helps the medical personnel evaluate the client’s dependency on alcohol or drugs. At the drug treatment clinic or drug rehabilitation, a clinical doctor may prescribe medicines to prevent serious complications – some of them include Benzodiazepines, anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics.

There are several options for inpatient detox. They can be hospitals, centers for substance abuse, centers for drug abuse, centers for substance addiction, clinics for alcohol rehabilitation, and more.

2. Detox Programs for Everyone

Some of the Detox treatments at Avatar are as follows:

Inpatient rehabilitation treatment centers are structured environments. There are no stressful situations that promote or trigger the urge to use. The setting allows for negative influences to be removed from the client’s environment. The clients get an opportunity to learn various life skills that they could not otherwise learn during their addiction struggle.

In the beginning, while inpatient rehabilitation programs or alcohol abuse programs may worry the client as they’re incredibly vulnerable, every measure is taken at Avatar Residential Detox Center to help the clients feel comfortable and wholly invested in their addiction recovery. Inpatient rehabilitation programs at Avatar or our residential programs focus on healing the body, mind, and overall wellbeing.

At Avatar residential centers or substance abuse rehab NJ, we encourage family participation, including evening family education and weekend programs. In addition to the family aspect, clients also benefit from a community of peers who emotionally support one another. Treatment differs from client to client as each program is unique and customized.

3. Structured Treatment Plans

As a center providing the inpatient drug rehab in new jersey, Avatar offers three detox programs: the 7-Day Detox Program, 15-Day Detox Program, and 21-Day Detox Program. After an initial assessment, the patient is enrolled in a 7-Day Detox program. Towards the end of the 7-Day Program, the patient is reassessed to decide the next plan of action, whether the patient needs to receive care for 15 more days or 21 days. Great emphasis is also placed on Aftercare Planning at Avatar.

Detoxing at Avatar Residential Detox Center in NJ might take longer for patients who have Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or substance abuse issues for an extended period. Alcoholism or drug abuse affects the working of the mind and body. Once the drinking or the consumption of drugs stops, it takes time for your body to return to a natural state.

With our inpatient drug addiction programs and alcohol addiction programs, we ensure that the patient gets 24/7 care. There is constant supervision available from our medical professionals and therapists for any medical treatment that is to be given or prescribed to the patient. Patients at Avatar are constantly inside the facility throughout the treatment, and therefore there is no external stress affecting the person. Furthermore, the patient does not have access to drugs or alcohol, so the possibility of having a relapse is null and eliminated.

There is the aspect of comfort and community at Avatar, which means that a patient is surrounded by people like them who face the same struggles and can relate to them on a deeper level and thus connect closer to them as they communicate with each other. Since the patients have no options to leave the facility, they can get the most out of their treatment, and one can see more involvement from them in several rehabilitation activities.

4. Expert Addiction Specialists

The expert addiction specialists at Avatar, such as detox experts, nutrition experts, counselors, medical staff, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists, ensure that our clients’ structured, customized treatment plan is created and implemented.

The goal of our medical professionals at Avatar is the client’s holistic well-being. They work as a team to help the client recover from addiction, fight the withdrawal symptoms, develop personally and rediscover themselves. At Avatar, the level of care necessary for an individual suffering from addiction is determined by an inpatient consultation with a qualified medical practitioner or counseling professional.

The addiction specialists on board utilize evidence-based treatment, specialty therapies, and special nutrition programs to help clients fight addiction.

5. Insurance Support

Don’t allow the cost of rehab to deter you from receiving the treatment you deserve. We offer two types of payment options – Insurance and Private Pay. Our patient navigator will collect your insurance information and contact your insurance provider so we can learn about your benefits. We will walk you through what your insurance benefits include to make sure your treatment is accessible. Our team will gladly assist you with figuring out deductible and co-pay options. We accept most insurance providers. Avatar Residential Detox Center accepts all major insurances such as Molina, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, CareFirst, Anthem Health, and more. We also offer customized, flexible self-pay options for all our treatments.

6. Convenient Location and Pick up and Drop Services

Avatar Residential Detox Center offers some of the best inpatient detox programs in NJ, which are incredibly convenient for people from North Jersey, New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

We offer door-to-door pick-up and drop services for our patients who can not drive to the location. If our patients require hospitalization at Avatar, we also provide free pick up and drop off for the hospital visits.

We understand obstacles standing in the way of receiving treatment can feel overwhelming, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to receive the treatment you need. Contact us today at (877) 209-1600 to begin your journey towards long-term recovery!

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