Addiction Recovery Therapy

We focus on combining individualized evidence-based treatments alongside complementary specialty therapies to optimize the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of our clients.

Therapies Provided at Avatar Rehab Center
About Therapy

What is Specialty Therapy?

At Avatar, we have an integrated approach to addiction treatment. Traditional therapy consists of individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication-assisted therapy, and family therapy. We intertwine specialty therapies with our substance abuse treatment programs to assist the recovery of a client’s overall well-being and stress management. We offer a large variety of specialty therapies that help in faster drug recovery, stress reduction, and mental wellness.

Therapy Programs

Benefits of Specialty Therapy Programs

Specialty Therapies are alternative therapies used to complement traditional addiction treatment programs. These holistic techniques assist with reducing physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal and improve the overall wellbeing of everyone.

  • Restore balance to all aspects of life
  • Lower anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Increase Mental Stimulation
  • Positive social interaction
Therapies for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
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We follow a holistic healing specialty therapy approach using Specialty Therapies to complement standard treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders. We focus on combining individualized, evidence-based treatments and specialized therapies to reduce withdrawal symptoms and assist individuals in obtaining long-term sobriety. We will walk you through the journey of recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

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Different Therapy

All Types of Therapy

Yoga Therapy

The postures and breathing exercises stimulate the energy flow to aid individuals in avoiding cravings and provide the strength to fight addictive behaviors.

Breathing Therapy

Taking time to focus on our breathing allows us to pause daily stresses, physical symptoms, and emotions.

Earthing Therapy

Clients will be guided through our earthing strategies to help eliminate overwhelming thoughts, relieve stress, and improve overall health.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Interactions with therapy animals enhance therapeutic healing, reduce the production of stress hormones, and increase the level of endorphins in the human body

Wilderness Therapy

Dynamic green spaces and challenging outdoor activities, create a supportive environment that boost an individual’s sense of awareness, adaptation, and endurance.

Volcanic Sand Therapy

Connecting to the earth’s energy creates harmony, reduces pain, and promotes better health, vitality, and improved sleep.

Color Therapy

The psychological effects of colors evoke various human emotions and help individuals focus and heal to attain peace and calm.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is to ensures holistic and robust support for clients during the rehabilitation process.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions provide a strong sense of belonging and community, which is beneficial for a healthy recovery from addiction.

Sound Therapy

Sound frequencies will help refocus your energy towards a more positive outlook, lower your stress levels and assist you in getting the most out of your treatment.

Art Therapy

Art therapy engages the mind, body, and spirit in distinct ways from verbal articulation alone.

12 Step Therapy

Widely used method that helps in effectively treating drug and alcohol addiction. We have designed a unique program to combat substance use disorders that help you take the necessary steps toward a healthy life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques at Avatar Residential Detox Center are used to treat substance use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is a type of cognitive-behavior therapy that centers around the psychosocial aspects of treatment, underlining the significance of a collaborative relationship.

About Recovery

How does therapy work for mental wellness and drug recovery?

Addiction or recovery treatment often consists of a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. At Avatar Specialty Therapy Treatment in NJ, we offer a variety of practical and functional specialty therapies. These include medication-assisted treatment, yoga therapy, animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, volcanic sand tray therapy, wilderness therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and much more. No matter how complex the addiction case is, we educate our clients on acquiring the recovery skills to get and stay sober. Our expert team will guide them to navigate various perturbing situations without turning to alcohol or drugs.

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