Admissions at Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center

Choosing the right rehab center is an essential part of the recovery process. Here’s a glance at the three-way admission process at Avatar. Our approach is simple and confidential. We conduct a 15-20 minute pre-screening. After we have the basic details, we will do a more thorough assessment to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that fits your needs. Once we have a plan in place, we will speak with your insurance company and assist you with your payment options. We will find an affordable option to get you into treatment and on the road to recovery.

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Avatar Residential Detox Center offers inpatient rehabilitation, detox, addiction treatments, and specialty therapy options. We offer premium amenities while ensuring safety, privacy, luxury, and community to support you on the road to recovery.

Avatar’s Admission Process


Our admission process is simple and confidential. We want to start each recovery journey on the right foot; that is why we ensure the information obtained from each client is clear, concise, accurate, and kept confidential at all times.


Our entire staff strives to achieve our mission and provide you with respectful and compassionate customized care. We devote ourselves to improving the lives of our clients and their families.


You and your family will be connected to an assorted team of consultants, counselors, detox specialists, and nursing assistants dedicated to designing and executing a safe and reliable medical detox plan at our renowned alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in New Jersey.

Admission Guidance at Avatar Rehab

Our qualified peer-support specialists are always available to provide telephone guidance and support. We want you to feel safe and comfortable.

We conduct 15-20 minutes of pre-assessment screening for people considering treatment at our facility. We do this to understand our client’s physical and psychological needs better. Here’s what the screening helps us determine:

  • Medical History (Physical and Behavioral Health)

  • Current Medications and Allergy Information

  • Previous Treatment History

  • Substance Abuse Background

Once we have the necessary details, we do a thorough assessment to understand the level of care our patients will require and develop a comprehensive substance abuse treatment plan.

At every stage, your confidentiality is of prime importance for us at Avatar. Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe environment where you feel comfortable discussing your concerns.

Payment Options

Don’t allow the cost of rehab to deter you from receiving the treatment you deserve. We offer two types of payment options – Insurance and Private Pay. Our patient navigator will collect your insurance information and contact your insurance provider so we can learn about your benefits. We will walk you through what your insurance benefits include to make sure your treatment is accessible. Our team will gladly assist you with figuring out deductible and co-pay options. We accept most major insurance providers, including providers listed below:

  • Anthem Health

  • BlueCross BlueShield

  • CareFirst
  • Humana Health

  • Aetna Healthcare
  • Highmark Health
  • Independence BCBS
  • Molina
  • Most Other Providers
  • Private Pay Options

Private Pay

If your treatment is not fully covered under insurance, there is no need to worry. If our treatment facility is the best choice for you, we will work with you to find an affordable way to begin your rehabilitation.

Am I covered under your facility?

To find out whether our facility accepts your health insurance plan. Give us a call at +1 (973)-774-7222, and our patient navigators will be happy to assist you. We will speak with you and your family before admission and throughout treatment to determine the most cost-effective treatment that meets your needs.

What if I can not get a ride to the Drug Detox Center?

If getting to our facility represents a challenge for you, one of our patient navigators will arrange your transportation; we offer 24 hours seven day a week pick up and drop off services.

We Accept All Major Health Insurance

    Private & Confidential