NJ Art Therapy Program for Substance Abuse

Create your path to recovery with our professional art therapy programs at Art Therapy Center NJ. creative activities in art therapy help to cope with the stressful emotions and anxieties that can emerge during detox treatment. According to the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), art therapy is a mental health modality that can help individuals withstand withdrawal symptoms.

About Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy for drug detox provides a platform where clients can express feelings through multidisciplinary methods. Art therapy engages the mind, body, and spirit in distinct ways from verbal articulation alone. There is no right or wrong way to make art, and you don’t need to be labeled as “creative” to participate in art therapy sessions. The best part about art therapy is there is no pressure, and you’re not creating the art for anyone but yourself. Expression through Art can be very valuable in treating issues such as depression, addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and even some phobias. Art can be an alternative way of expressing your emotions and processing complex feelings.

Art Therapy and Addiction

Art Therapy Programs at Avatar

At Avatar Residential Detox Center. , we have various creative art therapy programs, such as painting, drawing, poetry, writing, pottery, dance, visual arts, expressive arts, etc. Therapists facilitate these art therapy activities to provide clients a creative outlet. It is highly beneficial for clients with underlying mental health issues and a history of trauma. At our Art Therapy Center NJ, we take holistic art therapy treatment in New Jersey includes three proven art therapy techniques while creating the road to addiction recovery.

1. Gestalt Method

Gestalt therapy is a proven form of art therapy for substance abuse greatly influenced by art and the creative process. The approach helps clients practice mindfulness. Clients will spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing things that occurred in their past to resolve the dispute and focus on the present and future.

2. Active Imagination Method

Clients explore their inner-self by expressing their imagination and creativity and then dissecting it. This method is meant to complement our detox programs by encouraging individuals to speak their minds, thereby helping therapists know more about patients’ inner sufferings.

3. Third-hand Method

As one of the primary art therapy directives for drug addiction, Third-hand Method is facilitated by leading therapists, who encourage patients to develop a piece of art that symbolizes their struggle with substance abuse. The Third-hand Method is considered a proven method for stress relief and emotional empowerment.

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Benefits of Art Therapy in NJ for Addiction Treatment

Avatar Art Therapy Treatment in NJ is facilitated by a licensed art therapist and is an effective holistic therapy to relieve stress and positively express your emotions At Avatar, we employ different art therapy techniques and art therapy ideas for substance abuse that play a unique role in promoting mental wellness. Many clients do not feel comfortable addressing their issues in group therapy or individual sessions. Art therapy focuses on healing by unlocking the deep-seated emotions of individuals suffering from drug addiction.

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Some of the Significant Benefits of Art Therapy at Our Residential Treatment Center Include:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved Self-esteem
  • Behavior adjustment
  • Initiation of Self-discovery
  • Regulation of emotions and impulses
  • Improved natural production of dopamine
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Art Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Art Therapy helps to relieve frustration, anxiety, and depression. It boosts self-esteem, helps patients manage their addiction, and cope with recovery. Art is interpretive; there is nothing you have to do, write or create to be a part of this energetic transformation.

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How Does Art Therapy Work?

From elevating your moods to relieving stress, depression, anxiety, and frustration, art creates an everlasting impact on every walk of our life. Art therapy is a robust, creative treatment methodology that synchronizes your thoughts and actions, helping combat substance abuse. It allows individuals to efficiently express their emotions and carefully integrate symbolic and visual expressions to convey their insights and intuitions. Unlike verbal articulation, art therapy explores unspoken human emotions to help patients communicate painful and disturbing feelings with their therapists seamlessly. As art therapy breaks verbal communication barriers, it is beneficial to speed up the addiction recovery process. Our art therapy center in NJ also allows you to gain different perspectives and approach problems in new ways.

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