Drug & Alcohol Addiction Assessments

The journey toward recovery from substance abuse begins with drug and alcohol assessment tests. Here we explain to you how our rehab center performs drug & alcohol assessments in New Jersey to help users determine whether treatment is needed.

About the Intake Process

Understanding Drug & Alcohol Assessments

Congratulations, you have chosen the best drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey has to offer. Since no two individuals are alike, we conduct comprehensive physical, medical, and psychological addiction assessments before providing the best possible detox therapy. We offer a wide range of addiction treatment services and ensure we create the most effective treatment plan based on your needs. We have many modern techniques and technologies to do Addiction Assessment.

An untreated addiction can destroy the lives of not only the suffering addict but everyone around the individual. If addiction has started to become an issue in your life or in someone you love, take our online self-assessment test to determine your best course of action in the fight against addiction. Once you have completed your self-addiction assessment, Contact Avatar Residential Detox to complete an initial addiction assessment form.

Begin the Journey

Addiction Assessment : (Medical, Physical, Psychosocial)

In order to devise an effective and precise rehabilitation treatment for every individual, we perform an in-depth Medical, Physical, Psychosocial assessment. The addiction assessment reveals the type and severity of addiction and the individual’s current physical and mental health status.

At Avatar Residential Detox Center, our addiction assessment process is conducted by a trained specialist. Based on substance use screening tools and clients’ information, our addiction specialists formulate treatment plans for drug and alcohol abuse sufferers to get rid of addiction and equip them to live their life to the fullest. The four prominent assessment tests widely used by our therapists include:

  • Alcohol Addiction Assessment Test
  • Drug Addiction Assessment Test
  • Physical Assessment Test
  • Psychological Assessment Test

Addiction Risk Assessment Instruments

A clinical decision that helps therapists determine the type of detox therapy suitable for each individual is taken by adhering to a multidisciplinary process known as Addiction risk assessment.

Addiction risk assessment tools are designed to detect different factors of addictive disorders like substance misuse before therapy and the prominent signs of abuse in patients. At our drug addiction assessment center in NJ, we conduct three levels of screening tests related to addiction assessment, including:

  • Medical Addiction Assessment
  • Physical Addiction Assessment
  • Psychosocial Addiction Assessment

Medical Assessment Tests

Before the medical assessment tests for drugs and alcohol addiction, clients will be given addiction assessment forms that collect all relevant details for devising perfect treatment plans.

During the drug addiction assessment center in NJ tests, patients will be required to give their urine and blood samples for testing. Based on their physical condition, we may perform additional medical tests to prevent any issues from impacting their treatment plan. For example, medical assessment for opioid addiction helps medical caregivers to identify emergencies, risk reduction, and possible treatment barriers.

Psychological Assessment for Drug Addiction

Determining substance abuse based on psychological and social factors is a crucial step in drug addiction treatment. Psychological assessment for drug addiction diagnoses a person’s mental health impairments. Our addiction specialists treat such diseases as co-occurring disorders. Our health specialists will accurately analyze behavioral abnormalities like depression or anxiety for crafting a customized treatment program.

Physical Tests

Physical examination of patients plays a crucial role in identifying the right treatment plan for them. Physical addiction assessment test helps specialists to understand the current material conditions of the patients. At Avatar Residential Detox Center, our healthcare professionals perform a productive drug addiction assessment test to analyze substance use impacts. We also perform an alcohol addiction assessment at our alcohol addiction assessment center in NJ.

Understanding the Treatment Process

Our New Jersey Treatment Center

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center aim to rebuild the lives of people struggling with substance abuse and addiction to allow them to regain control of their lives and reach their potential. Our intake interviews are scheduled according to your needs, and same-day admissions are also available. We will establish a convenient time for your admittance, and we will immediately begin preparing for your arrival. 


Our drug and alcohol recovery center in New Jersey offers various recovery and rehabilitation options.


Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs can be life-threatening when not monitored by a medical professional. Avatar’s medical detox team ensures a safe process of detoxing a patient, saving their lives from addiction dependency-related health issues and other psychiatric complications at our drug detox center in NJ.


Enhancing your physical health is an essential part of the recovery process. Our facility offers a nutrient-based meal program regulated by a dietician. We also conduct various cognitive-behavioral therapies.


Our patients adhere to daily routines consisting of medication, a healthy diet, motivational interviewing, physical exercise, and an array of other specialized therapies.

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