Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and mental healthcare facilities in New Jersey will help you reclaim well-being and rediscover yourself.

Do not hesitate to open up about mental health issues or substance abuse. We help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction and promote holistic growth. As we are HIPPA compliant, everything that you share with us is protected by law and for our purposes only. Our facility is a safe space.

About the best inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey alcohol detox centers for rehabilitation

At Avatar drug rehabs New Jersey Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, we believe in the holistic development of every individual who takes a step toward a better life at our residential treatment facility. Our logo reflects that. We know that nature is a potent source for healing, and synergy between man and nature is essential for physiological and physical well-being.

What are the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation services we provide in New Jersey?

  • Alcohol Detox center
  • Drug Detox center
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab
  • Case Management
  • Dual Diagnosis (treatment of co-occurring disorders)
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

At Avatar Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Center, the five elements of nature, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit / Space, come together with medical and scientific empirical treatment to help our patients heal and develop holistically. Our logo signifies the relationship between the five elements of nature and individuals engrossed within the healing space that we create at Avatar for our patients.

best drug rehabs New Jersey accepts most insurances from Ringwood to New Brunswick

Avatar, drug rehabs NJ is a space to overcome adversities with substance use disorders, mental and behavioral health, and embark on a new journey while growing as an individual. Just like a lotus can bloom with its roots in the dirtiest of waters, our patients shed all their negativities and purify themselves at Avatar to blossom into the most beautiful version of themselves. We aim to help our patients achieve harmony of body, mind, soul, and synergy with nature.

Research has revealed that our environments directly impact our mental states and either reduce or increase our stress. This stress affects our physiological well-being and can slow down our healing process. More than two-thirds of people choose a natural setting to retreat when stressed. That is why, at Avatar Rehab center, we have created a natural environment that is tranquil, harmonious, and conducive to positive changes. Our natural surroundings and serene environment help in coping with pain, stress and distract from discomforts. Nature also helps in elevating moods, which is immensely helpful in co-occurring disorder treatments at Avatar.

Our Multidimensional Approach

We believe that insurance should never be a barrier to individuals when seeking help for substance abuse issues. That is why we accept many insurances across the United States. Contact our drug rehabs New Jersey admissions counselors now. Even if we cannot help with your insurance, we will get you into safe hands that can.

Here’s what Avatar drug rehabs NJ offers:

  • A completely well-furnished and equipped facility in the middle of woods, surrounded by nature and water bodies located just up the street from a State Park for a healthy living atmosphere.

  • Qualified and courteous staff to serve you at all time

  • The only facility in the area to offer PRIVATE furnished rooms with an attached bathroom and television in each room

  • Nutritious, delicious food from our renowned chefs –carefully curated menu with the help of food experts and dieticians

  • Recreational Amenities –indoor and outdoor

  • Need-based transportation facilities upon request

  • Meditations and other mental healing exercises

  • Large assortment of commissary items for your personal use

  • Variety of residential programs

  • HIPPA compliant system

  • Various duration periods for treatment such as Detox-short term and long-term programs including same-day patient programs

  • Extremely comfortable visitors lounge with warm welcome and reception

  • Personalized and group treatment plans as approved by insurance and State

  • A renowned team of psychologists, registered nurses, clinicians, counselors, and APNs

  • Proximity to big cities and towns and mass transit locations (Transportation is available on need-based request including drop-offs)

  • Secured staff managed and monitored lockers to store your items.

  • Smoking lounge

We Accept All Major Health Insurance