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Avatar’s inpatient drug rehabilitation and alcohol detox center offers multiple treatment pathways to assist individuals in regaining a healthy and stable quality of life free of addiction. Avatar combines empirical drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments, evidence-based treatments, and holistic therapies to pave the road to long-term addiction recovery while treating co-occurring disorders. Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled substance abuse treatment professionals will provide unparalleled support for you and your family throughout your recovery. Our innovative approach empowers clients to transform their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

Avatar Residential Detox Center

Our Mission and Vision

We are involved in an important mission to provide reliable and high-quality treatment for adults suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our mission is to engage individuals in an environment that fosters healing from the addictive disease in a dignified holistic manner. We want our clients to leave with an unforgettable experience that empowers long-term lifestyle change.

Our vision is to serve our community, helping reduce the stigma associated with addiction and co-occurring disorders. We envision a drug and alcohol-free world that allows individuals to explore their potential and equip them to live in a society with love and care.

Our Programs

Your Comprehensive Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Avatar provides inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments, alcohol and drug detox, and holistic treatment therapies, along with the privacy and space to recover from addiction.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our Multidimensional Approach


We use a variety of holistic treatment programs that support our evidence-based conventional therapies to provide the best long-term outcome for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in NJ.


We offer non-denominational principles to help you build the framework to heal your mind, body, and spirit.


Our experienced team of medical and clinical specialists has been selected due to their extensive knowledge and expertise in the rehabilitation industry.

Our Facility

Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center North Jersey provides:

  • Modern state-of-the-art facility set on 10 acres of private land
  • Located in proximity to New York City, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.
  • Fitness Center, Yoga Studio, and Outdoor Spaces for your personal use.
  • Best drug and alcohol addiction treatments center for individualized treatment programs.
  • Nutritious, creative, and delicious gourmet meals are designed by our renowned executive chef to help you perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Private fully furnished luxury rooms featuring an attached bathroom.
  • Secured staff managed and monitored lockers to secure your personal items.
  • Our visitors lounge creates an oasis for relaxation with a warm welcome and reception area.
  • Multiple options for alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs such as detox, short term, and long-term residential care.
  • A renowned team of Psychiatrist, Registered Nurses, Clinicians, Counselors and APN’S for alcohol addiction and drug detox center in NJ.

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