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We go the extra mile to help you regain health and stability. Whether you want to discover a new ‘YOU’ or create an addiction free life, we are here to help you. Avatar brings together empirical treatment and therapies to pave the road to addiction recovery!

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    Your Trusted Rehab in New Jersey

    At Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center, we provide effective addiction treatment programs that include powerful detox methods, rehab procedures, recovery therapies, and daily activities schedules for recovering from all types of alcohol and drug addictions.
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    Addiction Treatment Process

    Avatar Rehabilitation Centre is a renowned drug treatment center in NJ. Our evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs are proven to help individuals refrain from drugs and protect them from co-occurring disorders.
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    Detox Treatments

    We are proud to offer personalised and evidence-based detox treatment programs that efficiently assess each individual’s issues and ensure abstinence from drugs.
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    Specialty Therapy

    Avatar’s substance abuse treatment programs work towards creating a substance-free life. We believe in maximizing multiple aspects of life functioning and reducing the frequency and severity of relapse. As a global leader in the medical rehabilitation hospital industry, Avatar features unparalleled patient facilities and healthcare amenities that take substance abuse treatment services to the next level. Our unique speciality therapies have specific long and short-term goals, all specialized to suite every individual’s needs.
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    Our Detox Process

    Our treatment approach aims to rebuild the lives of people struggling with substance addiction and help them realize their potential to lead an ambitious life.

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    Our Facilities

    With 10 acres of beautifully landscaped facility in North New Jersey, just 35 miles west of NYC, we are proud to say that our centre is ideal for recovery and recuperation. Our center is the only one to offer private rooms with free wi-fi. Our facility is a Covid-19 free zone as we take the utmost precautions to maintain sanitisation and safety for our patients and employees. Explore our campus’s rare natural beauty combined with expert medical care. Meet our dedicated and expert team of medical professionals on your journey of substance recovery.
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    Tailored Nutrition Program
    Fully Licensed & Accredited
    Medication-Assisted Treatment
    Recreational Spaces
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    Pick-up and Drop-Off by Avatar

    Avatar offers complimentary 24×7 pick-up and drop-off facilities anywhere in New Jersey. This facility helps individuals who have no access to transportation for their necessary healthcare appointments and treatment at Avatar. Special considerations are given to people with physical disabilities.

    Give us call on +1 (877)-209-1600 schedule your pick-up or drop-off arrangements!

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    We Are More Than a Rehabilitation Centre

    At Avatar, we believe in holistic healing using state-of-the-art rehabilitation therapies. We aim to give our patients long-term recovery from all types of addictions that make your life miserable. Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center will walk with you through the entire process of regaining health and stability. One of the best rehabilitation centers in NJ, we are an ideal place for people from New York City, North Jersey, and Connecticut, dedicated to offering exceptional facilities based on the philosophy of humanitarianism.

    We are more than a traditional Rehab Center as people normally think. We make our patients feel at home with medical experts trained to treat you the way you want to be treated. After recovery, you will see a NEW YOU and will find your place in the world. You will be ready to take on the challenges that life brings. Should you need any support, give us a call, and then it is our job to take care of you.

    We care about our patients and have a team of qualified professionals to help with regular evaluation and provide treatment in a clinically approved manner. We treat not only people who have insurance coverage but also those that do not have the means to afford one. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to lead a fulfilling life, that is why we offer programs with self-pay options. Please call us to know more about these programs.

    At Avatar, the road to substance abuse and drug disorders ENDS.

      We Are Happy To Help You

      Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center NJ is an established drug treatment center dedicated to offering trustworthy drug detox, behavioral therapy and other special therapies for people suffering from substance abuse. We deliver the best possible detox therapies while valuing your privacy. Whether you are looking for a rehab for you or your loved ones, we are at your service.
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      We are flexible to customized treatment sessions and payment plans for people without health insurance. Talk to us for more information.


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