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Avatar Residential Detox Center in New Jersey

Avatar’s inpatient drug rehabilitation and alcohol detox center offers multiple pathways of treatment to assist individuals in regaining a healthy and stable quality of life free of addiction. Avatar brings together empirical drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments, evidence-based treatments, and holistic treatment therapies to pave the road to long-term addiction recovery while treating co-occurring disorders.

Avatar is one of the Most Trusted Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Detox Centers in New Jersey

Avatar’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment center provides a variety of effective substance abuse recovery programs. Our private facility is set on 10-acres and discreetly located, providing all clients the privacy and seclusion expected from a high-end luxury facility. Avatar features private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, large screen televisions, wireless internet access, and outdoor living spaces. There are several options for addiction treatment, including detoxification programs, alcohol and drug treatment programs, recovery therapies, and daily activity schedules to facilitate recovery from all substance use disorders.

We Accept All Major Health Insurance

We believe that insurance should never be a barrier to individuals when seeking help for substance abuse. Our staff will verify and be more than happy to explain your medical benefits to you at no charge before you begin treatment. For individuals without insurance, we have incredibly affordable services and flexible payment plans so that everyone can get the treatment they deserve.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Process

Avatar is a premier alcohol and drug detox and residential treatment center in New Jersey. Our substance abuse rehabilitation facility offers an immediate solution to help clients refrain from drug and alcohol use while managing co-occurring disorders. We offer a full range of services designed to care for your mind, body, and overall health.

Our Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center offers a variety of treatment options.

Clients looking for drug rehab or alcohol rehab centers in New Jersey can rely on Avatar’s drug treatment center located in scenic Ringwood, New Jersey. Traditionally, the first step towards recovery requires clients to detox under medical observation and complement a cycle of intensive therapy at the facility. Complete treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are all provided at one location.

Specialty Therapy

Avatar’s drug rehab and substance abuse treatment programs allow our clients to work towards creating a substance-free life. We believe in maximizing your ability to make everyday aspects of life more accessible while reducing the frequency and severity of a relapse. Avatar features exceptional client facilities and healthcare amenities that take substance abuse treatment services to the next level. Our unique specialty therapies have specific short and long-term goals, all customized to suit your individual needs.

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Should I seek treatment for alcohol addiction?

It is advised to obtain professional help when detoxing from alcohol since alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening. In a study from the journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism, more than 6 percent of people treated for alcohol withdrawal symptoms died due to those symptoms. The study also revealed that individuals that did not seek treatment for alcohol addiction were less likely to achieve the three-year mark of sobriety and were even more prone to relapse. When choosing the best alcohol rehab center in New Jersey for you or a loved one, consider residential care benefits. Avatar’s alcohol rehab center in New Jersey provides both inpatient and residential care services; one of our medical professionals would be happy to speak with you and assess which program would work best for you. Each program will be customized to meet the individual’s needs to complete the program and maintain long-term recovery post-treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis describes clients with a substance use disorder and who have a mental illness; it can also be called a co-morbidity or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder. Some individuals with mental illness will turn to substance abuse to cope with their symptoms. For some, drinking alcohol may cause a feeling of euphoria, and for others suffering from depression, it may increase their depression and rev up their anxiety. People might use marijuana as a relaxant, but for those with schizophrenia, it could make their condition worse. If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, substance abuse disorder, or a combination of both, it is imperative to get the proper treatment immediately. Severe consequences of suffering from co-occurring disorders can occur not only for the individual but also for their families and those they interact with regularly. At Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, we feel integrated intervention is the best approach. Treatment will vary depending on your symptoms, but our qualified staff will evaluate your condition and design a unique treatment plan that will assist you in treating both disorders concurrently.

Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Process

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers aim to rebuild the lives of people struggling with substance abuse and addiction to allow them to regain control of their lives and reach their potential.

Start your Substance Recovery Journey

Start your Substance Recovery Journey

When it comes to long-term recovery, we make sure our clients have the tools necessary for a lifetime free from addiction.

Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center is the place for you.

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At Avatar Alcohol & Drugs Recovery Center in New Jersey, we believe in holistic healing using state of the art, substance abuse rehabilitation therapies. We aim to give our clients long-term recovery from all types of substance use disorders that have diminished their quality of life. Our recovery center team will walk alongside you throughout the entire process of regaining health and wellness. Rated to one of the best drugs and alcohol treatment centers in New Jersey, our facility is ideal for people from New York City, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are dedicated to offering exceptional rehabilitation techniques based on the philosophy of humanitarianism.

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