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Helpful Tips for Staying Sober this 4th of July Weekend

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Fourth of July Weekend and the festivities that accompany the Holiday can make it challenging to remain sober. Whether you are in early recovery or long-term recovery, triggers during holiday weekends can be challenging to navigate.  Independence Day celebrations usually come with pool parties, beach days, BBQs, and potential mass consumption of alcohol. In [...]

Staying Sober in the Summer

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Summer usually means no school, consistent warm weather, BBQs, summer parties, vacations, longer days, and later nights. Unfortunately, lack of routine and more social gatherings might interrupt an individual's ability to maintain sobriety. In addition, summer get-togethers usually have an abundance of alcohol present, making the temptation to drink even more challenging. It's nice [...]

Mental Health Treatment Center In New Jersey

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Our mental health New Jersey treatment facility services are aware of the research that reveals a more significant issue than addiction as an isolated disease. According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), an estimated 17.5 million individuals in the US over 18 have had a severe mental health disorder in the [...]

Mental Health challenges During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 Pandemic that began last March had a significant impact on our lives. We lost our daily routines, exercising at a gym, social gatherings, retail and dining experiences, and any other opportunities to help reduce stress. Individuals suffering from substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or co-occurring disorders also lost the ability to [...]

Recover From Alcohol Addiction For Better Health

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You will need an effective detox strategy to overcome your alcohol addiction. An initial step for going through detox or getting sober is to make a plan for sobriety. Your recovery largely depends on your willingness to change. Besides, patients need to prepare themselves for a transition from their current life to detox. Alcoholism [...]

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