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Co-occurring disorders and mental health issues commonly occur among people who have problems with substance abuse.


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Mental illness commonly occurs among people who have problems with substance abuse. Drug or substance abuse can worsen your mental illness and interfere with treatment. Further, you need therapy if you cannot stop using alcohol or drugs on your own. If you are struggling with any mental disorder, talk to your doctor about the available treatment options. A mental health professional will diagnose possible underlying causes and discuss what treatment options are suitable for them. However, the diagnosis can vary depending on the symptoms.

1. Initial assessment of mental health issues

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what type of mental illnesses the patients are suffering. Determining which mental illness causes issues and symptoms in patients is essential. At Avatar Rehabilitation center, efficient medical professionals help you get an accurate diagnosis of your mental problems. Moreover, they take the time and effort to help you determine the appropriate treatment. Having adequate information regarding your mental health will help you find proper treatment. Apart from that, this will allow you to understand what symptoms your disorder may represent.

2. Finding Treatments for mental health issues

Your treatment depends on the severity as well as the type of mental illness you have. In most cases, a combination of specialty treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medication works best. Treatment from your primary care provider may be sufficient if you have a mild mental illness with well-controlled symptoms. Avatar Rehabilitation offers its patients the best treatment options for mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. However, to ensure all your medical, psychiatric, and social needs are met, a team approach is necessary. Severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia require supervision, proper medication, and other specialty therapies. A practical or functional treatment team often includes a Family or Primary Care Doctor, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioners.

3. Choosing a Residential or Mental Rehabilitation Center in NJ

Sometimes mental disorders can become so severe that the patients require care in a psychiatric facility. It is usually recommended when you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else, and you are not caring for yourself properly. At Avatar mental health recovery center in New Jersey, a wide range of treatment options such as residential treatment, partial or day hospitalization, specialty therapies, and 24-hour inpatient care are available. A residential program provides the patients with a temporary supportive place to live. Avatar’s treatment option is an intensive inpatient treatment program or Our IOP drug rehab in New Jersey.

The mental health professionals at Avatar Mental Health Recovery Program in NJ diagnose and offer proper specialty therapies based on a patient’s particular symptoms pattern. For instance, if a person exhibits symptoms like sleeping too much or feeling ‘down’ for a prolonged period, that indicates the person is suffering from depression. Other symptoms associated with depression and anxiety include not sleeping and being unable to concentrate. specialty therapies at Avatar often incorporate physical activities such as exercise or yoga. Apart from that, the treatment includes creative therapies as well.
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