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We provide long-term and effective drug abuse treatment, and alcohol abuse treatment, or comprehensive substance abuse programs.


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Drug rehabs in Connecticut services are available 24/7 if you want to seek help. At Avatar drug rehab, we employ the best inpatient addiction treatment facilities to enable our patients to find themselves. They discover their true selves and choose the path of healing. We make the process of healing as easy as possible, coming up with the best inpatient alcohol treatment plans and inpatient drug rehab treatment programs. We walk the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable with us. We are one of the best inpatient substance abuse facilities in NJ. Our goal is to bring together empirical drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment and therapies to pave the path for long-term addiction recovery.

We have taken responsibility to provide long-term and effective drug abuse treatment, and alcohol abuse treatment, or comprehensive substance abuse programs. We have feasible, affordable inpatient rehab and powerful drug and alcohol detox centers in New Jersey.

We offer inpatient alcohol rehabilitation services and drug rehabilitation treatments which include several kinds of detoxification methods, rehab procedures, and addiction recovery therapies. This includes daily activities schedules for you so that you or your loved ones can recover from all forms of drug and alcohol abuse and addictions.

Our topmost priority is the patient’s health, and therefore we provide same-day appointments for an intensive inpatient program. We offer healthcare services and amenities that meet global medical protocol. We have established contacts with world-class doctors that are experts in drug rehabilitation treatment therapies and alcohol abuse treatment. You can enhance your quality of life with highly relaxing and outstanding complementary therapies.

Choosing the Best Drug Rehabs in Connecticut Options

Drug rehabs in Connecticut have limited options. However, there is a rich history in the state. Once known as the “Arsenal of The Nation”, Connecticut is one of the original 13 colonies in the United States. Connecticut is officially nicknamed the “Constitution State” but is also referred to as the Provisions State and the Nutmeg State. Connecticut created the very first written constitution. There was a great amount of political freedom and independence in the early days. It is as a result of this freedom that they created something called The Fundamental Orders in 1639. With such strong roots, and power within the people, the connection is still said to be strong in the state. On the other hand, Connecticut deals with multiple problems of drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

Opioids and heroin are the most abused substances in Connecticut. Research shows that most people get these drugs from family and friends rather than try to pay and get an expensive prescription. Connecticut has seen an increase in accidental deaths involving drugs, alcohol, and opioids in recent years. In 2012 there were 355 accidental overdose deaths. In 2014, that number increased to 558.

Avatar Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility for Connecticut Residents

Finding the best drug rehabs in Connecticut is no easy task. While many options are available where you or your loved one can ask for help, Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery centers offer drug and alcohol detox treatment programs for Connecticut residents with a difference. Our inpatient detox programs in NJ are not only about treating addiction, but also about treating the root cause of addiction. Our expert addiction specialists work with an experienced medical staff of psychotherapists, nutritionists, counselors, attendants, psychiatrists, support workers, and more to create an individualized detox program for each patient.

According to the Connecticut Drug Control Update, in 2010-11, Connecticut was one of the top ten states for rates of illicit drug dependence among persons 26 years and older. Approximately 10 percent of Connecticut residents reported a month of use of illicit drugs; the national average was 8.82 percent. In the most recent survey that was conducted, it was reported that 9.10 % of the Connecticut residents used illicit drugs in a month. Additionally, 3.48 percent of its residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in a period of one month.

There have been a significant number of drug-related hospitalizations and arrests which point to the need for drug rehab centers and alcohol rehabilitation centers. While choosing drug rehabs in Connecticut options there several factors to consider.

  • Finances
  • Addiction Specialists and Medical staff
  • Location
  • Addiction Treatment Plan

Help is within reach if you need it. We at Avatar drug rehabs in Connecticut provide you with the best rehab facilities, medical staff, therapies by professionals, and aftercare support. At Avatar, we also have picked up and drop services for the patients for their convenience.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment at Avatar

Our drug and alcohol rehab Connecticut options make an accurate assessment when someone takes a step forward in healing themselves through detox treatment and chooses Avatar. Planning and devising an intense rehabilitation inpatient treatment program for an individual is the best step. This is an in-depth medical, physical, psychosocial assessment that is highly recommended. Our addiction assessment helps us determine the type and severity of addiction along with the current physical and mental health status of the individual.

We have the best drug rehabs in New Jersey options because we employ trained specialists to run the addiction assessment process. We have substance use screening tools and adding to it, we consider the information provided by the patients, Our addiction specialists always customize a new plan which best suits you.

Under addiction risk assessment we see which drug and alcohol detox therapy best suits you. These tests are designed to detect different factors of addictive disorders like substance misuse before therapy and the prominent signs of drug or alcohol misuse in patients.

Get Help From Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation In Connecticut

Choosing the right inpatient drug rehabs in Connecticut centers for your healing is an especially important and integral part of the process. Each of our inpatient drugs and alcohol rehab Connecticut evidence-based addiction treatment plans are supplemented with specialty therapies to aid holistic healing and personal development of the patient. Our specialty therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Oxygen Therapy, and more, help you fight withdrawal symptoms. They address the root cause of addiction, treat co-occurring disorders and avoid relapses.

At Avatar, we accept all most insurance plans such as:

  • Molina
  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth
  • MultiPlan
  • and more.
  • Blue Care Network
  • Cigna, High Mark
  • BlueCross BlueShield

In case your insurance is not covered, we also offer customized treatment plans with flexible self-pay options.

Avatar is an extremely convenient location for you as it is an easy drive from Avatar’s Drug rehabs in Connecticut to their alcohol detox centers in NJ. If you or your loved one can’t drive, we also offer pick-up and drop services that make your experience hassle-free. When you choose Avatar, you are choosing comfort, community, and top-notch addiction recovery facilities.

Our admission process is simple and confidential. We make sure that at Avatar, you feel at ease with the help of our kind and support representatives who are there to guide you at every step of the way. We connect you and your family with renowned specialists in therapy and detox who will help create a safe and customized plan for drug and alcohol detox. We are one of the best drug rehab centers in Connecticut.

Avatar Alcohol Detox Treatment Plans

At Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, we have several detox plans. They are 7-day, 15-day, or 21-day programs depending on the requirement of the patient. Our main aim while running these plans is to rebuild and nourish the lives of people struggling with drug or alcohol substance addiction and help them realize the true meaning of life. We embrace a four-step evidence-based and medication-assisted treatment process that leads the way to long-term recovery.

Throughout all the stages, patients and their loved ones get compassionate and effective therapeutic recovery services from our specialist team. The four steps consist of rehab, recovery, and daily schedule activities that have drastic impacts on Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness.

We have the following drug and alcohol detox treatments at Avatar:

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Ambien Detox
  • Benzodiazepine Detox
  • Hydrocodone Detox
  • Drug Detox
  • Opiate/Opioid Detox
  • Prescription Drugs Detox
  • Suboxone Detox
  • Tramadol Detox
  • Treatment Process
  • Valium/Diazepam Detox
  • Vicodin Detox
  • Xanax/Alprazolam Detox
  • And any other kinds of addictions and co-occurring disorders

According to the Annual Statistical Report by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, heroin abuse and prescription drug abuse remain significant problems in the communities. There has been an increase in opioid use admissions at recovery centers. In-State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016, substance use disorder treatment providers across the state identified heroin as the drug of choice in 29,221 admissions, an increase from 27,221 admissions in SFY 2015.

Heroin and other synthetic substances are the most misused drugs that harm people and the society that we live in. Addiction for most people starts when they start using it for recreational purposes. For some others, addiction can also be a cause of the long-term use of prescription drugs. We at Avatar drug rehabs in NJ offer Drug and Alcohol Detox services to ensure that the person suffering from the addiction is cured completely with the addition of aftercare planning where we continue to ensure that the person is leading an addiction-free life.

Specialty Drug Rehabs in Connecticut Therapies at Avatar

At our drug rehab in Connecticut centers, apart from the many drug and alcohol detox treatments, we also have several specialty drug rehab therapies that would help an individual. It helps an individual understand the human mind and soul to gain a better insight into their situation. This eventually helps them in leading a substance addiction-free life. We believe in not just helping our patients become clean but also in dealing with the root cause of addiction which is often mental health and situational issues.

For co-occurring disorders treatment, and for helping with the detox treatments, we have the following specialty therapies at our drug rehabs in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania:

  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Animal Assisted therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Earthing Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Medication-assisted Therapy or MAT
  • Music Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Volcanic Sand Therapy
  • Wilderness Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy

Do not let addiction dictate you. Avatar’s drug rehabs in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania want you to know that drug and alcohol addiction is curable. We can help you find the right resources and guide you in the right direction. We can and will get you walking on the path of recovery, but you have to make the first step and call us. Call us now at (973)-774-7222. Are you ready to take the first step to recovery?

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