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Take advantage of nature and get yourself involved in earthing therapeutics for relaxing recovery from addiction. Let our professionals help you explore nature’s positivity while walking on the road to recovery from substance abuse.

Whats is Earthing/Grounding Therapy?

Earthing or Grounding therapy is a therapy technique developed based on the science of earthing to heal the mind and body of patients by connecting with nature and earth. The electric charges within the earth will leave positive impacts on the body, and thus help patients to heal mentally and physically.

Earthing Therapy for Addiction Treatment

At Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center, we know that earthing therapeutic technique has proved beneficial in healing the physical and emotional wounds of people. The elements of the earth connect with the living cells of the body to help them recover from any kind of ailments. The conductivity of the living matrix of the human body connects with the earth’s positive energy to develop an immune system within the body, thereby reinstalling the natural defense system of the body.The earthing therapeutics techniques will help you to develop holistically.

The three main grounding techniques popularly used are:

  1. Physical grounding: In the physical grounding technique or 5-4-3-2-1 technique, the patient uses their five senses to heal themselves. For example, watching nature around us, walking barefoot on the earth, listening to nature’s sound, smelling favorite flowers, and tasting food of different flavors belong to this category of earthing therapy.
  2. Mental grounding: Relieving your stress by playing games, solving puzzles, etc. comes under the mental grounding technique.
  3. Soothing grounding: Planning your day, spending time with the pet, visualizing your favorite person, place, or task will soothe your senses.

Our proficient grounding therapist at Avatar will guide you through earthing strategies to get rid of overwhelming thoughts, relieve stress, and improve overall health.

Benefits of Earthing Therapeutics

  • Improves immunity and inflammation
  • Improves sleeping habits and appetite
  • Generates the natural positive energy of our body
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improves cardiovascular health

Earthing Therapy Program at Avatar

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Earthing therapeutics helps to reconnect your body through nature and thus establishing a balance within your body. At Avatar, a specialized addiction recovery center in NJ, we provide indoor and outdoor earthing therapies aimed at treating depression, stress, and other mental disorders and equipping them to live in the present moment.

Address your addiction and its negative consequences with effective measures of grounding therapy at the best substance recovery center in New Jersey, Avatar.

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Get through hard times with our professional earthing therapy programs.

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