Fall into Sobriety

Fall into sobriety by following these six fun tips to celebrate Fall and recovery. Grab friends, family and your recovery support to get outside and go pumpkin or apple picking.

Fun Sober Fall Activities

Red, yellow and brown leaves with sun shining through

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Fall has already arrived so the temperature will get a little cooler, crimson leaves will arrive, evenings will begin earlier, pumpkin spice will be offered everywhere, and a season will be filled with outings. Fall has been known as a season of renewal as well as recovery. Fall is an excellent time to embrace your recovery and have some outdoor fun. Check out our top five Fall activities below to help you stay sober this season.

Go, Apple Picking

After completing an alcohol addiction recovery program, you will want to find some sobriety activities. Apple picking is not only a lot of fun but walking around outside amongst the fresh air will make you feel fantastic. Did you know apples are also high in antioxidants? This means apples improve memory, reduce inflammation, and increase overall brain health. If you live near the best rehab in New Jersey, you are not far from many apple orchards. According to scientific reports, spending at least two hours a week outdoors is good for overall health and well-being. When you get home from your visit to the apple orchard, you can make delicious apple treats like apple pie, apple crumbs, oatmeal pancakes with cinnamon apples, apple balsamic flatbread, apple turnovers, and baked apples. What’s your favorite thing to make with your apples?

Travel Through a Corn Maze

After departure from an addiction treatment center, challenge yourself while spending time outside with family and friends by going on an adventure through a corn maze. Travel through winding pathways, and try to strategize your way out. These problem-solving skills will help you improve your memory and cognitive skills impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. Find your way through this fun corn maze adventure while you embrace sobriety with your 12-step group. You’ll have a lot of laughs while you do it!

Prepare to Be Scared

September and October bring out the Haunted Houses. As you see more goblins and ghouls decor, you may want to embrace the spooky season yourself. Check out a haunted house or two and be prepared to be scared by actors dressed as witches, ghosts, vampires, and zombies. You will be entertained and heighten your senses at the same time. Some alcohol rehabs may even organize a group trip which will be a great way to set aside the daily stressors and embrace the fun.

Carve Out Your Creativity for Sobriety

Pumpkin picking leads to pumpkin carving. First, you must find the best pumpkin; next, you get to carve it. Like recovery, each pumpkin is unique, and how each person chooses to carve it is also unique. You may use a stencil or one of the pumpkin carving design kits. Participating in pumpkin picking and carving takes time and can be a lot of fun. You can grab some friends from your recovery support groups, like alcoholics anonymous aa, and hold a pumpkin carving contest. Even if you’re currently attending alcohol treatment at a rehab center, they may have an opportunity to pick a pumpkin and carve it.

Watch Scary Movies

Make a list of all your favorite scary movies and plan a movie marathon. October evenings filled with popcorn, candy, and spooky movies are a fun way to have some sober fun. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Child’s Play, Scream, Psycho, or the Exorcist are among our favorites. What’s your favorite scary movie?

Take a Hike

Hiking outdoors and taking in all the scenic views is a great feeling; checking out the green trees, orange, red and yellow leaves, and looking out into a beautiful reservoir or lake is a fantastic experience. Seeing all of these things sober is even better. Near our alcohol and drug rehab in New Jersey, we have hiking trails, landscaped gardens, reservoirs, and lakes. The cool Fall air makes climbing to the very top of some peaks easier than on hot and humid summer days. Hiking is beneficial to your mental and physical health. Part of eliminating alcohol dependence or drug addiction is to find alternative ways to spend your time. Hiking decreases the risk of heart disease and reduces hypertension, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and arthritis. Hiking benefits your mental health by allowing you to develop problem-solving skills, improves cognitive impairment, and reduces overall anxiety. Being physically and mentally exhausted, alongside feeling fulfilled, is a great feeling.

Reach out for Recovery Support Groups

Don’t trick yourself into thinking addiction is better than sobriety; treat yourself to fun, sober fall activities. If you are grappling with a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder, look for an inpatient rehab near you. Avatar Residential Detox Center utilizes evidence based knowledge and offers various levels of care. If you are ready to stop drinking and seek recovery from alcohol contact us today at (973)-774-7222.

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