Cost of Addiction Treatment vs Cost of Addiction

When deciding if alcohol or drug addiction treatment is worth the price. Consider Cost of Addiction for your treatment.


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The main goal of addiction treatment facilities is to assist individuals in detoxing and recovering from their substance abuse issues to return to society and their families in a healthy capacity. When seeking out treatment facility options, questions similar to those below are bound to cross your mind.

Can Drug Addicts be Cured?

While addiction is a disease that can’t be cured, it can be managed and treated. The outcome of addiction treatment can be successful, and an individual can remain in long-term recovery.

How much does Inpatient Drug Rehab Cost?

Treatment center costs vary between each facility. However, most rehabilitation centers accept insurance, have financial aid, and offer payment plan options.

What does Rehab cost?

The following factors usually drive the cost of addiction rehab:

  • Inpatient or Outpatient
  • Facility Location
  • Size of Rehab- Small Rehab vs. Large Rehab
  • Length of Stay
  • Options for treatment such as detox, MAT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programs

What are quick Drug Addiction Treatments?

There is no such thing as quick addiction treatment. Any facility that pitches a seven-day cleanse or guaranteed 28-days or 90 days program is not legitimate. Addiction recovery is a process. The process begins with detoxification and is followed by cognitive behavioral therapy at an inpatient or outpatient facility and followed up with aftercare planning and support groups. Effective treatment is worth its cost and tends to your substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Many addicts do not seek treatment as an option due to the stress of out-of-pocket costs and lack of insurance. However, there are many types of treatment facilities available to fit any individual’s budget; no insurance, or private health insurance, there are treatment facilities that can assist you. Health Insurance is commonly used to pay for rehab. An individual’s health insurance coverage depends on the insurance provider, individual’s health insurance plan, and the treatment facility’s acceptance. Insurance coverage for drug or alcohol addiction treatment may be available from various providers, including the following:

  • Private insurance.
  • Military-provided insurance.
  • State-funded insurance.

How much does It cost to go to Alcoholics Anonymous?

There are no required dues or fees for Alcoholics Anonymous membership. However, an A.A. group will typically have a collection during the meeting to cover expenses, such as rent, coffee, etc., and to this, all members are free to contribute as much or as little as they wish.

How can Substance Abuse Services help you?

Substance Abuse Services in New Jersey range from supplying information on detoxification services and outpatient care to short- and long-term residential treatment. Substance Abuse Service Agencies can assist you with finding a treatment facility, IDRC (Intoxicated Driving Program), or Substance Abuse Monitoring systems. Mental Health Services Administration can also help you; the Mental Health Services Division in N.J. oversees the provision of a range of community mental health and addiction services throughout the State and various entities to provide and support community-based prevention, early intervention, treatment, education, and recovery services, including for at-risk and special populations. The Division also supports and monitors various substance abuse treatment facilities and prevention service providers to reduce the misuse of alcohol and other drugs through effective evidence-based treatment.

What do you know about Heroin Addiction Treatment?

When individuals addicted to opioids like Heroin first stop using, they experience withdrawal symptoms such as stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, which may be severe. Medication-assisted treatment can be helpful in this detoxification stage to reduce cravings and physical symptoms that can cause a person to relapse. In addition, there are many effective cognitive-behavioral treatments available for opioid use disorder that can be provided in outpatient and residential inpatient settings. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to effectively treat heroin use disorder, mainly when applied in conjunction with medications.

Individuals often only looked at what the potential costs of addiction treatment might be. However, when deciding if alcohol or drug addiction treatment is worth the price. Consider what your addiction is costing you.


Drinking is an expensive pastime. If you consume your drinks out at a bar or restaurant, the cost increases dramatically. If you’re drinking at home, the weekly price of wine, beer, especially craft beer or hard liquor, adds up. Other items associated with drinking are also costs such as a DWI, the average price begins at $7,000, and that doesn’t include legal fees or post-conviction fees. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “In 2019, of the 85,688 liver disease deaths among individuals ages 12 and older, 43.1 percent involved alcohol”. There is value in searching for alcohol treatment centers in N.J.


If you have a nicotine addiction, whether cigarettes or devices like the Juul, the puffs add up. The average cost of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in N.J. is currently $9 per pack. Juul pods $20.99 for a four-pack. Not to mention the cost of potential medical issues due to smoking. According to the CDC, tobacco smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths in the United States annually.


The cost of opioid addiction is expensive. Aside from that, prescription pills sold on the street are costly, ranging from $10 per pill to $80 per pill. The addiction itself comes with the risk of death. The typical user begins orally consuming the drugs, resorts to crushing and snorting pills, and finally turns to shoot Heroin to afford the addiction and sustain the high. This addiction leads to desperate measures to maintain criminal activity like shoplifting, robbery, prostitution, etc. Individuals that inject Heroin are also at risk of contracting HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C.

Friends and Family:

Drug or alcohol addiction takes a toll on everyone surrounding the addict. One of the consistent trends of substance abuse and addiction is that people separate themselves from their families and friends and lose interest in activities that previously interested them, including things they used to do with these people.

Loss of Income:

When you are inactive addiction, at times, your addiction consumes you. Making you take days off of work, make impulsive financial decisions to sustain your addiction, and even cause you to lose your job.

Loss of Life:

Whether it be due to side effects of alcoholism, cancer from tobacco use, overdose death from opioid or heroin addiction. Or even an accident related to your addiction. Being an individual in active addiction, you are gambling with your life, and there is no way to recoup the loss.

Hidden Cost of Addiction:

  • Medical fees such as ER visits or long-term health issues.
  • Legal Fees (DUIs, bail, fines, lawyer fees, divorce fees, etc.).
  • Lost or damaged property.
  • Increased insurance costs.
  • Incarceration
  • Long term damage to overall health
  • Premature Death

Too many individuals struggling with addiction place the cost of treatment as the most significant barrier to seeking treatment. We believe that insurance should never be a barrier to individuals when seeking help for substance abuse issues. That is why we accept many insurances across the United States. Contact our addiction recovery center in N.J. drug rehabs New Jersey admissions counselors now. Even if we cannot help you with your insurance, we will get you into the safest hands that we can. Individuals with substance use disorders don’t believe they will afford to pay for detoxification or rehab. In the end, maintaining a drinking or drug habit is far more expensive than seeking professional assistance and medical advice. Substance abuse treatment is a way out. Contact your private insurance provider; they may have options to make alcohol or drug treatment more affordable than ever. Your life is priceless; you can not afford to lose your life due to addiction.

There is no substitute for professional help. Avatar Addiction Recovery Center in N.J. provides quality health care for drug and alcohol addiction treatments and behavioral health services. Please call(973)-774-7222 for more information if you or someone is going through difficult times with substance abuse. We provide a variety of treatment services for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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