Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Wilderness therapy is an adventure-based addiction treatment that offers you various fun activities to promote lifelong growth and development through an unfamiliar environment. Being able to connect with nature is so essential for our physical and mental health.

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Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy at Avatar is an adventure-based outdoor treatment modality designed to foster people’s psychological well-being and help them revive from addiction. Outdoor activities in the wilderness teach individuals the survival skills required to outlive their challenging life circumstances.

At Avatar, we extend healthcare practices beyond the four walls of the rehabilitation center, which improves client outcomes. An experiential therapy involving action and activities by getting involved with nature is the basis of our wilderness therapy programs.

Changes in the brain’s normal functioning resulting from long-term substance abuse make it difficult to control the compulsive urge for drugs. In an attempt to attain that level of pleasure, people have intense cravings for more drugs. Wilderness therapy works well for people who rely on illicit drugs for euphoria by giving them the same sense of pleasure without the drug.

Benefits of Wilderness Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

As a complementary treatment approach at Avatar, adventure or wilderness therapy is practiced to increase the brain’s functioning, reduce stress, anxiety, and control the destructive habits of individuals.

When patients are exposed to the dynamic green spaces and indulged in challenging outdoor activities, they start experiencing the positive impacts of a supportive environment that boosts their sense of awareness, adaptation, and endurance. Avatar has teamed up with well-seasoned and licensed therapists who are specialized in professional wilderness outdoor therapy programs.

Although traditional individual or group therapy can be constructive, individuals are not always motivated to cooperate by offering relevant information. Many therapists agree that wilderness treatment programs, comprised of several individuals, field staff, and mental health professionals, provide an environment conducive to self-disclosure. 

Moreover, exposure to the natural environment prompts positive behavioral changes and social skills, helps identify and hones the client’s unique skill set, and instills values.

How Wilderness Therapy Works for Addiction Recovery

People suffering from addiction pass through a series of physical and psychological health complications. From neurological issues to cardiovascular diseases and mental illnesses, several health conditions are associated with drug addictions. Outdoor behavioral healthcare is a highly effective way to treat dual diagnoses.

As part of our wilderness therapy programs, we offer various outdoor activities that help patients explore their inner selves and get ready to combat substance abuse. Some of the challenging and rewarding adventurous activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking

  • Swimming

Wilderness Therapy Programs at Avatar

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Every complimentary therapy’s primary goal is to heal the mind, body, and spirit, wilderness therapy in particular. Avatar’s adventure therapy/wilderness therapy helps patients to achieve long-lasting addiction recovery. Our rehab program in NJ aims to use such treatments to encourage individuals struggling with addiction to walk on the road to a speedy and healthy recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Our wilderness therapy program for young adults is designed to address the emotional and physical problems they face, instill confidence, build mental strength, control cravings, boost academic performance, and help them set goals to achieve excellent careers.

Natural Rehabilitation At Avatar

Wilderness therapy programs are highly recommended as alternative therapies, a combination of the outdoors with an education that addresses the whole person. Through their social, emotional, and intellectual skills, they often yield exceptional results for those struggling to find their way out of addiction. Embrace nature, experience an active lifestyle, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul by participating in Avatar’s wilderness therapy programs.

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