Volcanic Sand Therapy

The Avatar Residential Detox Center offers promising sand therapy programs proven helpful in assisting individuals in working through traumatic experiences related to substance addiction. Connecting to the earth’s energy creates an uplifting shift in our physiology. It brings harmony, stabilizes the body’s primary rhythms, reduces and eliminates pain, reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation, and promotes better health, vitality, and improved sleep.

Volcanic Sand Therapy for Drug Detox
About Volcanic Sand Therapy

What is Volcanic Sand Therapy?

Addiction Detox treatments are often coupled with complementary therapies to help individuals overcome personal traumas related to substance abuse. Volcanic Sand Therapy is a holistic complementary therapy that provides healing properties for ailments like muscle pain and inflammation. In addition, it gives a general detox of the body—individuals who struggle with drug abuse struggle to identify their emotions. Volcanic sand therapy for drug detox. allows patients to express their inner feelings and help them release that internal stress to begin the journey to a peaceful and drug-free life.

Volcanic Sand Therapy and Detox

Volcanic Sand Therapy Treatment in NJ for Addiction Recovery

Our sand therapy is executed under eminent therapists’ supervision and is effective for adolescents and adults. This complementary treatment therapy at Avatar enhances clients’ moods and develops self-consciousness and self-awareness for individuals already on the road to addiction recovery.

The primary goals of our Sand Therapy include:

  • Detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system, while activating alkalinity of the mineral-rich sand.
  • Development and strengthening of your intuition.
  • Practicing positive affirmations that helps you succeed in overpowering self-sabotaging behavior and thoughts.
  • Improving how you interact with your family, friends, and society.
  • Providing Mental Clarity.
  • Improving coping skills.

Therapy Programs

Advantages of Walking Barefoot on Volcanic Sand

  • Improves Posture
  • Mindfulness
  • Reflexology
  • Improve Sleep Patterns
  • Balance the Body’s Electrical Systems
  • Increase Sensory Experiences
  • Improve Mental/Emotional Health
Volcanic Sand Therapy for Addiction Treatment at Avatar
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Volcanic Sand Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Sand therapy facilitates a natural expression of emotions, especially the impact of traumatic events or catastrophic incidents. At the root of most addictions, emotional and mental factors cause a person to abuse substances. There is a distinct correlation between substance abuse, addiction, and trauma. Traumatic experiences often impact the way a person copes with their emotions or reacts to situations.

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Volcanic Sand Therapy for Substance Abuse treatment
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Volcanic Sand Therapy for Addiction Treatment at Avatar

Our certified Volcanic Sand Therapy specialists focus on improving the physical and mental wellness of people undergoing drug detox treatment. At Avatar, we offer sand therapy as complementary therapy alongside our cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication-assisted therapies. Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of sand therapy for anxiety and other substance use disorders.

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