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Volcanic Sand Therapy

Volcanic Sand Therapy for Substance Abuse

Research suggests that volcanic sand therapy helps in de-stressing and becoming expressive. We comply with specialized volcanic sand therapy regulations while we walk on the road to addiction recovery. Sand Therapy’s idea is to provide the client with a safe space; the client can then develop solutions to their problems on their own. Volcanic Sand Therapy is extremely effective for patients with PTSD. It facilitates a natural expression of emotions, especially the impact of traumatic events or catastrophic incidents. At the root of most addictions, emotional and mental factors cause a person to abuse substances. There is a distinct correlation between substance abuse, addiction, and trauma. Traumatic experiences often impact the way a person copes with their emotions or reacts to situations.

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What is Volcanic Sand Tray Therapy?

Addiction Detox treatments are coupled with complementary therapies to overcome personal traumas related to substance abuse. People who are victims of drug abuse struggle to identify their emotions. Volcanic sand tray therapy allows patients to express their inner feelings and help them realize their circumstances to start a peaceful and drug-free life. Avatar Rehabilitation Centre offers promising sand tray therapy training programs that are proven useful in assisting individuals to get rid of the traumatic experiences related to substance addiction.

Volcanic Sand Tray Therapy Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery

Our sand tray therapy is executed under eminent therapists’ supervision and is effective for children, teenagers, and adults. This complementary treatment therapy at Avatar enhances their moods, develops self-consciousness, and self-awareness for individuals who are already on the road to addiction recovery. The basic goals of our Sand Tray Therapy include:

  • Development and strengthening of your own intuition
  • A better understanding of your conditions
  • Practicing positive affirmations that help you succeed in overpowering self-sabotaging behavior & thoughts
  • Improving your family communication skills
  • Making a better person for your family, friends, and society

Volcanic Sand Therapy at Avatar

Dora Kalff, the Jungian therapist developed the therapeutic method called Sand tray therapy, and our certified therapists at Avatar use unique tools such as sand therapy boxes and figurines to enable meaningful (non-verbal) communication between the therapist and the patient. We fill the sand therapy box with the best sand for Sand tray therapy that contains anti-inflammatory properties and minerals capable of detoxifying the body.

With Avatar’s play therapy sand tray size of dimensions 19.5 inches x 28.5 inches, x 3 inches acts as an open space where the patients use play therapy sand tray miniatures and figurines to express the thoughts rushing through their minds.

The sand tray therapy training program treats patients as “builders” and the therapist as “witness” to the patterns created by builders using miniatures placed on the play therapy sand tray. During the session, builders narrate their story, which helps the witnesses (therapists) learn the thought process of drug addicts.

Volcanic Sand Therapy at Avatar

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Our certified Volcanic Sand Therapy specialists focus on improving the physical and mental wellness of the people undergoing drug detox treatment. At Avatar, we conduct special sand tray therapy for adults as they are more susceptible to substance abuse. Contact our medical team to learn more about our sand tray therapy for anxiety and other substance use disorders.

Volcanic Sand Tray Therapy at Avatar

Experience Volcanic Sand Tray Therapy Programs at Avatar for holistic treatment from drug addiction.

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