Volcanic Sand Therapy

Volcanic Sand Therapy

Volcanic Sand Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Research suggests that volcanic sand therapy helps in de-stressing and becoming expressive. We comply with specialized volcanic sand therapy regulations while we walk on the road to addiction recovery. Sand Therapy’s idea is to provide the client with a safe space; the client can then develop solutions to their problems on their own. Volcanic Sand Therapy is highly effective for patients with PTSD. It facilitates a natural expression of emotions, especially the impact of traumatic events or catastrophic incidents. At the root of most addictions, emotional and mental factors cause a person to abuse substances. There is a distinct correlation between substance abuse, addiction, and trauma. Traumatic experiences often impact the way a person copes with their emotions or reacts to situations.

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What is Volcanic Sand Therapy?

Addiction Detox treatments are often coupled with complementary therapies to help individuals overcome personal traumas related to substance abuse. Volcanic Sand Therapy is a holistic complementary therapy that provides healing properties for ailments like muscle pains and inflammation. In addition, it gives a general detox of the body—individuals who struggle with drug abuse struggle to identify their emotions. Volcanic sand therapy allows patients to express their inner feelings and help them release that internal stress to begin the journey to a peaceful and drug-free life. Avatar Residential Detox Center offers promising sand therapy programs proven helpful in assisting individuals to work through the traumatic experiences related to substance addiction.

Connecting to the earth’s energy creates an uplifting shift in our physiology. It brings harmony, stabilizes the body’s primary rhythms, reduces and eliminates pain, reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation, and promotes better health, vitality, and improved sleep.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Volcanic Sand:

Improves Posture

Walking or running barefoot helps strengthen the muscles in the feet, calves, thighs, and hips. Having proper alignment of the spine allows you to move efficiently so that your body supports your weight without pain-no pain results in reduced craving for substances to numb the pain.

Be Present

Taking a sensory walk along the sand allows the individual to be present and practice mindfulness. As a result, an individual can emotionally connect and work through the day’s events. 


The feet have many reflex points that connect to other parts of your body. So when you walk barefoot on sand, the pressure points in the feet get stimulated naturally with the help of every granule along the way, enhancing the natural healing process of our bodies.

Increase Sensory Experiences 

We don’t activate the pressure points in our feet by wearing shoes, and our bodies don’t receive the sensory experiences we can pick up by experiencing different textures barefoot.

Improve Mental/Emotional Health 

There’s a good reason that martial arts, yoga, and tai chi are practiced with bare feet. By having the soles of your feet on the sand, you can connect to the earth’s energy. In addition, these barefoot practices can help decrease anxiety and depression and increase the levels of endorphins.

Balance the Body’s Electrical Systems

Up to 60% of the human body is water. Our bodies and our cells both carry an electrical charge. The earth also brings a natural electrical charge, which has a greater negative charge than our bodies. When we walk barefoot on the volcanic sand, we absorb electrons into our bodies from the earth.

Improve Sleep Patterns

By walking barefoot on the sand, an individual releases tension and stress. The nerve endings in the feet have been activated, and now the body can begin to relax. When a person can sleep better, they usually experience less pain and have an easier time combatting challenges.

Volcanic Sand Therapy Treatment for Drug Addiction Recovery

Our sand therapy is executed under eminent therapists’ supervision and is effective for adolescents and adults. This complementary treatment therapy at Avatar enhances clients’ moods and develops self-consciousness and self-awareness for individuals already on the road to addiction recovery. The primary goals of our Sand Therapy include:

  • Development and strengthening of your intuition

  • Detoxify the body and boost the immune system, while the alkalinity of the mineral-rich activated volcanic sand amplifies the detoxing effect.

  • Provide Mental Clarity.

  • Practicing positive affirmations that help you succeed in overpowering self-sabotaging behavior & thoughts

  • Improving coping skills.

  • Improve how you interact with your family, friends, and society.

Volcanic Sand Therapy at Avatar

Our certified therapists at Avatar use sand therapy to enable meaningful sensory responses. The sand therapy area contains activated volcanic sand. The sand consists of anti-inflammatory properties and minerals capable of detoxifying the body. Walking on the sand and applying the pressure of our body weight allows the pressure points in the feet to be activated, reduces inflammation within your body, and promotes relaxation.

The recovery process is unique for each individual. Volcanic Sand Therapy at Avatar’s treatment facility is a complementary therapy that enhances our traditional treatment programs and improves clients’ mood, vitality, and mental health.

Volcanic Sand Therapy at Avatar

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Our certified Volcanic Sand Therapy specialists focus on improving the physical and mental wellness of the people undergoing drug detox treatment. At Avatar, we offer sand therapy as a complementary therapy alongside our cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication-assisted therapies.

Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of sand therapy for anxiety and other substance use disorders.

Volcanic Sand Tray Therapy at Avatar

Experience Our Volcanic Sand Therapy Program at Avatar for a holistic approach to combat drug addiction.

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