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Specialty Therapy

Specialty Therapies – Avatar, NJ

At Avatar, NJ, we follow a holistic treatment approach using Specialty Therapies for Substance Abuse Treatment. We focus on combining individualized detox treatments and specialized therapies to completely transform people’s lives. We will walk you through the journey to recovery and healthy life.

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Professional rehabilitation approaches often involve the implementation of medical and specific psychological strategies. Specialty therapies are used in conjunction with traditional treatment-as-usual approaches to help alcoholics or drug addicts muscle through addiction’s side effects. Numerous specialty addiction therapies are available nowadays for specific populations and unique problems related to substance addiction.

At Avatar, we have an integrated approach for treatment, we combine specialty therapy with detox treatments to give you long-term results as well as mental and physical well-being.

How do Specialty Therapies Work?

At Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center, we believe that alternative types of therapies are very effective in treating drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and unhealthy behaviors. We have intertwines specialty therapies with our substance abuse treatment programs to help in improving the recovery of a patient through overall well-being and stress management.

Some of the widespread specialty addiction therapies include:

12-Step Facilitation: The 12- Step Process is one of the most widely used as well as most effective alcohol and drugs recovery therapy which was introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous. It involves a process where an individual heals through interaction with a peer support group which is overcoming similar addictions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT for Substance Abuse is an effective method often used with other detox treatments for addiction recovery. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is utilised for treating co-occurring disorders as well as for developing coping mechanisms and changing maladaptive behaviors in patients.

There are many more behavioral therapies used for addiction treatment.

Standard therapy is often complemented with alternative therapies such as:

Yoga: Yoga proves immensely helpful in stress reduction, relieving physical tension, creating self-awareness, and making an individual spiritually, physically, and mentally fit.

Animal Assisted Therapy: Research says that Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) helps patients stay in treatment and finish it, as well as helps them develop their individual persona, and step out of a self-deprecating mindset.

Different Specialty Therapies at Avatar

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Addiction or recovery treatment often consists of a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. At Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Centre NJ, we offer a variety of effective and functional specialty therapies. These include medication-assisted therapy, yoga therapy, animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, volcanic sand tray therapy, wilderness therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and much more. No matter how complex the drug addiction case is, we focus on educating the patients on acquiring the recovery skills to get and stay sober. Our expert team will guide them on how to navigate various perturbing situations without turning to alcohol or drugs.


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