Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound Treatment Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment-New Jersey

Taking root in ancient cultures and civilizations, sound has long been used as a tool to improve the emotional and mental health of people. Sound therapy is based on the premise that everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Music therapy uses rhythms and musical melodies to manifest emotional and physical changes. Sound therapy and Music therapy at Avatar are the holistic treatment alternatives that help people overcome addiction.

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What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy, for the uninitiated, might sound like a new-age thing. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not a new practice at all. Instead, it refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. 

For centuries now, people have used sounds to calm themselves, feel at ease, or envelop themselves with peace. Sound therapists build on this approach to provide healing to their clients. At Avatar Alcohol & Drugs Recovery Center, you will find trained sound therapists who believe that human bodies are made through different energy frequencies. Therefore, by playing various sound frequencies, they interact and heal the body’s frequencies to restore them to their natural predisposition.

Sound therapy, just like any other therapy at Avatar Rehab, is tailored to the client’s needs. First, our therapists will work with you to understand your medical history and the issues currently ailing you. They will then create the required frequencies for your therapy. Sound therapy will include sounds of various instruments, white noise, nature, and even their voice.

By wrapping you in positive sound frequencies, they will help you de-stress and calm your body. The sound frequencies will help refocus your energy towards a more positive outlook, lower your stress levels and assist you in getting the most out of your treatment.

What is Sound Therapy Treatment?

Sound therapy at Avatar involves using music in a therapeutic relationship to meet our client’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. It is an evidence-based form of sensory therapy, and various cultural groups have used it for centuries. Research has proven that sound therapy helps in overall physical rehabilitation, improves movement, motivates patients to be more involved in their treatment, gives emotional support, and gives a platform for better communication and expression.

Music therapy has a profound influence on the human brain. It can enhance the working of neural networks, increase the production of dopamine and serotonin, and reduce the level of stress hormones. Many sessions begin with simple breathing exercises, which help slow the mind and shift focus to hear. 

Sound therapy helps in augmenting cognitive performance – igniting creativity, inducing positive thoughts, sustained attention, and much more. As a leader in the rehabilitation industry, Avatar boasts qualified sound therapists capable of designing treatment strategies suitable for each individual to overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

Sound Therapy for Addiction Treatment

At Avatar, we know that combining our medical detox treatments and sound therapy is highly beneficial for people dealing with addiction issues, co-occurring disorders, functional wellness, depression, and anxiety. Sound therapy develops positive outlooks, elevates moods, and brings relaxation as well. As one of the well-known rehab centers in NJ, we employ the finest music therapists to treat all kinds of substance use disorders, including co-occurring conditions.

Research shows that sound therapy is an effective complementary therapy for substance abuse treatment as clients report increases in relaxation and energy levels and decrease impulsiveness. For example, a study conducted by Felicity Baker Ph.D. in 2007 concludes that “Participants reported that music therapy was beneficial in allowing them to experience emotions without the need for substance abuse.”

Sound Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Addiction at its core is not just about the body, and in fact, studies show that while your body will start recovering from addiction, you will still have a tough battle for your mental well-being and truly get rid of your addiction. Addiction is a multi-stage battle that starts early on when you first begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms and lasts till the very end when despite going through the whole treatment, you are still coping with the stress of reshaping your life. At Avatar, sound therapy is not only an ideal complementary therapy for your complete treatment, but it starts showing its benefits from the early days of recovery.

You will feel more relaxed, and the calmness surrounding you will reduce the symptoms you face from leaving your addiction behind. In addition, the background noise will become nonexistent, and your brain begins to respond to the nature sounds and white noise, allowing you to emerge yourself in your recovery fully.

Sound therapy, much like any other therapy, does require patience and willpower for it to work. At Avatar, our trained sound therapists assist you throughout the process and help you succeed with sound therapy, and use its positivity in your complete treatment on your road to recovery.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

At Avatar rehab center, under the guidance of trained sound therapists, sound therapy work and cognitive-behavioral therapies can create a compelling combination that can cure health issues caused by substance abuse and promote addiction recovery.

The following are some noted and proven benefits of sound and music therapy at Avatar for our patients:

  • It helps deal with negative emotions such as guilt, anger, depression & anxiety

  • Controls blood pressure and heart rates
  • Enhances emotions and relieves stress
  • It helps in reducing the effects of stressful situations

  • Improves self-esteem and deals with boredom
  • Increases verbalization
  • Increases motivation
  • Enhances perception and differentiation of feelings

  • Reduces pain perception
  • Decreases muscle tension and agitation

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Sound Therapy for Addiction Recovery at Avatar

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At Avatar recovery center in New Jersey, we utilize sound therapy and music therapy to make our detox and rehabilitation programs more effective and beneficial as we focus on the holistic development of our patients. As a clinical psychological intervention, sound and music therapy helps build a therapeutic recovery setting to decrease stress hormone levels in the human body and manage emotions while alleviating boredom. In addition, the treatments work by reducing the triggers that cause relapse in recovering addicts. Sound and music therapies also help pain management and increase the patient’s motivation to sustain the treatment.

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