Our Facility

Our Facility

Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center offer inpatient rehabilitation, detox, addiction treatments, and specialty therapy options. We offer premium amenities while ensuring safety, privacy, luxury, and community to support you on the road to recovery. Each client receives treatment matched to his or her diagnosis, symptoms, and goals. Our facility features a 40,000 square foot facility surrounded by 10 acres of nature. There is something unique about a residential facility that sits in the middle of nature. It is beyond peaceful and refreshing.

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Our 40,000 square foot Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center on 10 acres is specially designed to meet the emerging needs of each patient we house. Every detail of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility was designed to provide ambiance and amenities that support your recovery journey. We embrace the healing of the mind, body, and spirit while providing you a serene environment to begin your recovery process. Our devoted staff members are always ready to help you stay motivated and help you transform your life free from addiction. We encourage individuals to conquer addiction and live a happier, healthier, and sober lifestyle. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center offers a haven for those struggling with addiction and provides the first step into a life of responsibility and purpose. Our facility offers a home-style environment that provides privacy, stability, and flexibility while alleviating the stress of feeling like living in a group setting. Furnishings were selected for comfort and durability. Our team made a systematic selection of wall colors, artwork, lighting, window treatments, and decorative accents were chosen carefully to promote happiness, tranquility, and excitement for sober living. Every space from the residence, therapy, and group meeting areas was designed with the unique model to provide a place to rest, a place of growth, or from reflection to interaction or the present day to a better future.

  • Peaceful, Comfortable Home-style Environment
  • Confidential clinical and Medical Care
  • Variety of Detox Programs Available
  • Innovative and Empirical Treatments
  • Ethical and Holistic Therapeutic Approach
  • Personalized Treatments for All
  • Emphasis on the Long-Term Recovery

  • 12-step Recovery Focus
  • Constant Communication

We invite everyone to explore their potential for transformation while enjoying our campus’s rare natural beauty. Our exemplary staff’s commitment to every patient’s success is supported by various recreational and wellness activities. At Avatar Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, we provide the best possible drug and alcohol treatment in northern New Jersey. Our only goal is to ensure you succeed in the journey of recovery. We believe that every patient has unique needs that must be encountered through a personalized treatment program. Our facility is ideal for people residing in New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey. We emphasize long-term recovery through our customized substance abuse treatment programs, including:

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Opiate Detox Centers
  • Ambien Detox
  • Hydrocodone Detox
  • Drug Detox

At Avatar alcohol and drug rehab New Jersey rehabilitation centers, we have skilled substance abuse medical professionals dedicated to helping patients overcome their addiction difficulties. Our drug rehab center in NJ is equipped with innovative, holistic, and clinical therapies with empirical practices. We put in our best efforts to achieve long-term recovery and transform a healthy life for you or your loved ones.

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Aesthetic Environment
Promote healthy, speedy recovery

Take advantage of Avatar’s pleasing and aesthetically appealing environment to take a step closer to regain health and stability. We understand the importance of ambiance in recovering from addiction, promoting mother nature and peaceful environments while providing our treatments.

Private Rooms with ensuite
Ambience for your comfort

Our facility and rehab rooms are ergonomic and comfortable. We offer private, spacious, and aesthetically designed rooms with a central focus on the patient’s safety. Apart from that, our environments are refreshing and calming, which is a dire need while recovering from the addiction.

Available 24/7
Get Answers to All your Questions

We are a technologically driven medical rehabilitation facility and recovery center in New Jersey. Our therapy center believes in providing ultra-modern care through top-of-the-line rehab equipment and amenities. Give us a call, 973-774-7222; one of our qualified staff members at the Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center’s front desk will be happy to answer your questions and provide comprehensive details. All conversations are kept confidential; there is no commitment or obligation.

No substitute for a nutritional diet

Our New Jersey detox centers’ food is prepared in our in-house kitchen supervised by a Nutritionist and prepared by our highly-trained chefs. Of course, strict hygiene standards are held all the time. Also, the patients will get the nutritious diet prescribed by the nutritionists, and we meticulously take care of specific dietary requirements (if any). A healthy, tasty, and clean diet is guaranteed at Avatar Alcohol And Drugs Recovery Center.

Our Drug Rehabs New Jersey Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Facilities

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With 10 acres of beautifully landscaped drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in North New Jersey, just 35 miles west of NYC, we are proud to say that our center is ideal for recovery and recuperation. Our rehabilitation center is the only one to offer private rooms with free Wi-Fi. Our drug rehabs New Jersey facility is a Covid-19 free zone as we take the utmost precautions to maintain sanitization and safety for our patients and employees. Explore our drug and alcohol addiction treatment campus’s rare natural beauty combined with expert medical care. Meet our dedicated and expert team of medical professionals on your journey of substance recovery.

Why Our Inpatient Treatment Programs New Jersey Are Premier

Finding the best inpatient drug rehab center for your needs when searching from California to New Jersey is not easy. At Avatar Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, located in scenic Ringwood, New Jersey, we offer 10 acres of beautifully landscaped property to set your mind at ease. We are conveniently located 35 miles west of NYC, near Connecticut, and close to Pennsylvania. Our facility features private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, televisions, wireless internet, and outdoor recreation spaces. We pride ourselves on maintaining a Covid-19 free zone by adhering to all governmental regulations. Please take advantage of our campus’s remarkable beauty and our unique specialty therapy programs. Our dedicated staff’s investment in each of our clients and our passion is to provide long-term recovery from addiction.

  • 24 x 7 Facility

  • Mental Health Services

  • Dedicated Case Manager

  • Tailored Nutrition Program

  • Fully Licensed & Accredited

  • Security

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • Recreational Spaces

We Accept All Major Health Insurance