Family Intervention Program

Intervention: Support for Families of Addicts

Drug and alcohol addiction occurs in the best of families. At Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center, we believe the intervention is as much for the family as it is for the addict. We assign a dedicated case manager to identify and understand an individual’s unique addiction problems. We begin with comprehensive medically assisted drug detoxification treatments. Our personalized treatment programs aim at cleansing the individual’s body from toxic substances and regain their psychosomatic fitness. Once we have the client detoxed from the substance, we can begin to repair the destructive behavior affecting the client and their loved ones. Regardless of the substance use disorder, a person is suffering from, the common denominator for the addiction is the repression of feelings and the escape from reality that they are seeking.

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The Family’s Role in Addiction Treatment

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Our trained Addiction Counselors consult with family members whose loved one denies an addiction to alcohol and drugs. The primary goal of an intervention is to get assistance for a client who needs help but doesn’t necessarily want help. The critical component to any intervention is proper planning to ensure your family team agrees, decides on specific consequences, and resolves any issues before the intervention meeting with the substance abuser. Intervention usually comes at the stage when the addiction consumes an individual, impacting their wellbeing or a life-threatening situation, emotions are running high, and your family team needs to choose their words carefully to prevent the addict from fleeing the intervention. An intervention should never be done last minute, without a detailed and agreed upon plan of action for the addict if they choose to accept the family’s help.

If your loved one has been resistant to change and their substance abuse has caused negative consequences that you are concerned about, a family intervention may be the only way to get them to agree to get help. Our team of counselors is here to help you plan and process the intervention, our facility features the following Intensive Family Intervention Services:

Intensive Family Intervention Services:

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Residential Treatment

  • Intervention Counseling

  • Licensed Therapists

  • Support and Education

  • 24 Hour Assistance 7 Days a Week

  • Mental Health Services

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Aftercare Planning

Strengthening Family Work

  • Intensive Family Consultations: These consultations help families navigate at a time of great unpredictability and stress. to empower family members through education, boundaries, and assistance to support each other in recovery.
  • Facilitated Family Sessions: Even after a loved one has embraced recovery, family members may be left with feelings of hurt, anger, and guilt. These facilitated meetings are with our licensed therapy staff members to assist in healing, promote healthy boundaries and develop an agreed aftercare recovery plan for all.
  • Family Coaching Sessions: This was designed to give families the tools to deal with residual feelings while promoting recovery and healing. Having a mediator to discuss an approach will result in an agreed family action plan.
  • Improved Family Functioning: Our clinicians who specialize in family relationships, can help address the family breakdown in communication and boundaries as needed. Clinicians can also address any concerns regarding home placement after residential treatment.

Your Close Confidant in Recovery

We care so much about your privacy. Throughout the intensive family intervention program, our staff will maintain the family’s confidentiality and the patient.

Our staff works vigorously to incorporate a compassionate and caring healthcare environment by adhering to the latest medical practices and protocols. Additionally, the overall monitoring and coordination of addiction recovery programs for developing a continuing care plan is our utmost responsibility.