Aftercare Planning

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers aftercare planning is one of the most important phases that every individual undergoing a detox program has to go through. Our alcohol detox centers New Jersey staff understands the importance of this factor. Aftercare plans aid in long-term addiction recovery and prepare people to start a productive life. After completing a successful medical drug detox program, we provide our patients with solid aftercare treatment plans to attain sobriety.

How Avatar Helps You Create Your Aftercare Plans?

Aftercare planning gets developed based on future challenges to sobriety and related solutions! Our aftercare plans help recovering individuals manage anxiety, distressful thoughts, and drug cravings. However, family members & loved ones play a huge role in executing proper aftercare planning. Medical professionals at Avatar, the notable recovery center in New Jersey, develop the most suitable and personalized aftercare plans based on the unique needs of patients that essentially aid in combating substance abuse.

Aftercare plans can be categorized as continued treatments where patients are provided with a different combination of post-detox treatment options such as:

  1. Intensive Inpatient treatment
  2. Intensive Outpatient treatment
  3. Sober living arrangements
  4. 12-step programs
  5. Participating in Alumni programs

Why is an Aftercare Plan Important?

According to the latest statistics, when people suffering from various Substance Use Disorders (SUD) participate in aftercare treatment programs, there is a considerable decrease in the relapse rates.

Our continued treatment option’s primary goal is to help prevent relapses and mold people as better individuals in society.. Our distinctive aftercare plans are based on sound relapse prevention strategies and outpatient follow-up approaches such as:

Alumni programs: As part of our aftercare plans, clinicians at Avatar, the leading recovery center in New Jersey, extend the invitation to all patients undergoing our drug detox programs for taking part in our alumni programs.

Recovery Meetings:  The informal get-togethers, recovery meetings aid to keep you on the right track that leads to a better sober lifestyle. The continued patient care professionals at our recovery center in North New Jersey help people to reach out to inspiring sponsors who motivate people with their survival stories to stay sober for a long time.

Individual Therapies & Family Counseling: We organize individual & group counseling sessions for patients and their loved ones and educate them on various aspects of addiction and the importance of developing favorable attitudes towards patients.

Prolonged sobriety is the result of a good aftercare program. Be assured about your sobriety when you are associated with us. We help you to become the person you want to be and admire healthy life ahead! Contact Us.

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