Marijuana Addiction & Detox Treatment

What is Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana, also known as Weed, Cannabis, Pot, Grass, Bud, is a psychoactive drug used for recreational purposes. Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant or is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa, the Cannabis plant itself. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the mind-alerting chemical compound present in the Cannabis plant. Due to the accessibility and various ways to consume, Marijuana is one of the more popular drugs. Individuals that frequently use Marijuana can experience irritability, decreased appetite, restlessness, and trouble sleeping when they discontinue use. If someone is vulnerable to getting involved with addictive substances, they will most likely begin with a substance like Marijuana, Tobacco, or Alcohol that is easily available.

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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms, Signs, Detox & Treatment

Effects of Marijuana on Your Body

The different kinds of side effects that your body produces in the way one consumes Marijuana depends on the medium the person uses or consumes the drug. When you inhale marijuana smoke that directly goes into your lungs, the drug is quickly in no time released into the bloodstream and makes its way to a person’s brain and other organs. Smoking has an immediate effect instead of Marijuana consumed by eating on mixing it with drinks.

The mind-altering compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) triggers specific brain receptors that usually respond to natural THC-like chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for brain development and usual functions. When people begin consuming Marijuana in their teenage years, it affects their brain development and may impair thinking, memory, and learning functions, and is psychologically addictive.

Common Street Names for Marijuana

There are hundreds of slang terms for Marijuana due to the fact that it is the most abused drug in the United States. Some of the more common street names include weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, nugget, and nug.

Looking for Signs of Marijuana Abuse

The following are some effects that a person might feel when they have marijuana drug addiction:

Impaired Judgements

THC alters the way a person processes information and can cause the person to be unable to form a judgment of his/her own.

Memory Problems

THC changes the way one processes information in a section of the brain called the hippocampus. This affects the person’s ability to make fresh memories or even remember memories.

Increased Dopamine Release

The consumption of Marijuana triggers the release of dopamine in the brain, which gives a person consuming it euphoric feelings. An increase in dopamine release can also affect one’s sensory perception.

Increased or Decreased Depression symptoms

Consumption of Marijuana can decrease or ease the feelings of depression in a person. But withdrawal can advance the feelings of depression.

Increased or Decreased anxiety

The effects of Marijuana differ from person to person. While one might say that Marijuana helps them to relax, others say that consumption of Marijuana worsens their anxiety.

When an individual consumes Marijuana, cannabinoid receptors in the brain are activated by a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. THC blocks the actions of Anandamide neurotransmitters to the point where the body does not produce Anandamide anymore. The person’s brain begins to feel that the consumption of Marijuana is needed for the body to feel normal.

Signs of Marijuana Overdose

A person overdosing on Marijuana may show the following signs:

  • Bronchitis
  • Red eyes, Dilated eyes, dilated pupils

  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • Lung irritation
  • Weakened immune system
  • Slowed reaction time

How do you identify a Marijuana Addiction?

When the person tries to stop the consumption of Marijuana, the person tries to limit the amount of THC produced in the body. This causes several marijuana withdrawal symptoms and the lack of production of Anandamide. Wanting to quit using Marijuana, but being unable to do so, is a strong indication of an addiction. Marijuana usually has a long-term effect on an individual’s body, making medical detox treatment very difficult.

Some of the behavioral warning signs of marijuana substance abuse:

  • Altered senses
  • Altered sense of time
  • Trouble in reasoning and problem-solving
  • Weakened memory
  • Mood swings
  • Psychosis hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Impaired body movement

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include:

  • Diminished appetite
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Lack of focus
  • Intense cravings
  • Excessive Sweating and chills
  • Depressive thoughts
  • Stomach aches
  • Irritability

These symptoms aren’t severe or threatening and vary from person to person but can cause excessive irritation. The longer an individual is bound to use the drug, the more likely they are to experience withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you know is abusing Marijuana, contact Avatar Residential Detox Center NJ immediately to experience safe detox plans. We offer marijuana rehab and group therapies, and support groups to help you lead a healthy addiction-free life.

How does Marijuana Addiction Happen?

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There are various ways that people consume Marijuana. Marijuana is highly abused in the United States, with approximately 22.2 million users each month. Some of them smoke Marijuana by rolling them in papers, which are called joints. Some use pipes or water pipes called bongs.
There is another way called blunts, where Marijuana is rolled in cigar wraps and then consumed. Marijuana is also used in many edibles like brownies, candies, and cookies and is also used to brew tea. Cannabis has several physical and mental health effects that include euphoria, altered state of mind, or sense of time, among many others. Vaporizers are increasingly used to consume Marijuana.
If Marijuana is consumed for an extended period of time, it might lead to problematic use or Cannabis use disorder. This disorder, in which a person experiences withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug, may affect about 30% of people who use Cannabis, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). A survey was conducted on health and drug abuse in 2018, which stated that about 43.5 million Americans over 12 used Marijuana in the last year.
Get help for Marijuana addiction now by following Avatar’s Marijuana addiction program. Preferring a professional detox treatment at our drug rehab facility is always better than residential treatment.

Get help for Marijuana addiction now by following Avatar’s Marijuana addiction program. Preferring a professional detox treatment at our drug rehab facility is always better than residential treatment.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Drug Treatment Centers NJ

At Avatar Residential Detox Center NJ, we provide a range of drug detox treatments and specialty therapies to help patients in the marijuana addiction treatment program, which helps with their symptoms and helps them lead an addiction-free life.

Inpatient Detox Treatment

We at Avatar Residential Detox Center NJ follow a customized plan for every individual with Marijuana addiction by helping them through several detox treatments and specialty therapies. Detoxification is considered the first step towards a person’s path to recovery.
The patients get to stay at our facility with all the amenities provided to them by our trusted medical professionals. This prevents the patients from any distractions whatsoever and diminishes the potential for relapse, which helps the person stay in control and not go out looking for Marijuana and eventually consuming it.

Medication-assisted Detox

We at Avatar have a specified medication-assisted treatment for marijuana addiction provided to the patients. This treatment differs from patient to patient in the sense that it takes into account the level of severity of marijuana addiction. Behavioral support is proved to be the most effective in treating marijuana addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

Other than physical consequences, people addicted to Marijuana also have to face mental health issues like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, paranoia. To treat this, at Avatar Residential Detox Center, we have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through which people pay attention to the things they think and do when it comes to drug use. It gives people ways to better cope with stress and other triggers.

Aftercare planning

At Avatar, once the rehab is complete, we then conduct aftercare sessions with our patients. Medical professionals at Avatar develop the most suitable and personalized aftercare plans based on patients’ unique needs that essentially aid in combating marijuana abuse. Don’t go through the recovery process alone. Get in touch with us immediately and allow us to help you with professional detox treatment.

Avatar Residential Detox Center accept all major insurances such as Molina, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, CareFirst, Anthem Health, and more. You can easily verify your insurance coverage. You need not worry even if you don’t have insurance.
Avatar also offers customized flexible self-pay options for all our treatments. For our patients who can not drive to the location, we provide door-to-door pickup and drop services. If our patients require hospitalization during their time at Avatar, we also offer free pick up and drop off for the hospital visits.


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