Drug and Alcohol New Jersey Detox Treatment Process

Our drug rehabs New Jersey educational behavioral health approach aims to rebuild the lives of people struggling with substance addiction and help them realize their potential to lead an ambitious life.

At Avatar, we embrace a four-step evidence-based and medication-assisted treatment process that leads the way to long-term recovery. Throughout all the stages, patients, family members, and loved ones can expect compassionate, influential, and effective therapeutic recovery services from our specialist team.

Rehab: To support an individual to get rid of substance use disorders, Avatar, the top-tier alcohol and drug recovery center in North New Jersey, offers unique recovery and rehabilitation options.

Detox: Drug detoxification is the first step towards recovery. As a distinguished drug recovery center, Avatar’s medical detox team treats patients to save their lives from destructive addiction-related health issues and other psychiatric complications.

Recovery: Physical exercise and mental healing are the two essential aspects of the recovery phase. From supplying adequate nutrients to preparing a balanced diet, we assure enhanced physical health during the recovery phase. Besides, Avatar ensures the world’s best drug detox practices for our patients by conducting cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Daily Schedule: Your daily routine has drastic impacts on Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness. Patients staying at our drug addiction recovery center in NJ are encouraged to strictly follow daily/ weekly schedules that include medication, meditation, healthy diet plans, motivational interviewing, physical exercises, special therapies, etc.

Levels of Care at Avatar

Medical Detox: Our Medical Detox programs are carefully designed to stop people’s dependence on drugs or alcohol, and provide the right chemical, spiritual, and medical support to improve their health conditions.

Intensive Inpatient: We offer both short-term and long-term residential treatment programs to make patients receive round-the-clock care from our medical experts.

Intensive Outpatient: Once patients acquire stability and get transformed into a better person, they are advised to take our Intensive Outpatient programs to maintain sobriety and healthy life.

Mental Health Program: As the leading drug addiction treatment center, Avatar integrates cognitive behavioral therapy into our mental health programs. This program aims at empowering patients to control substance cravings and cleanse the mind of negative thoughts.

Stabilization Program: Avatar Alcohol And Drugs Recovery Center in NJ provides a specialized stabilization program to avoid relapses and keep patients on track to make a complete recovery.

Partial Hospitalization: People who are in search of the finest addiction treatment in New Jersey but don’t need intensive inpatient services are provided with partial hospitalization services. We assure no compromise in quality care even if you choose partial hospitalization for recovery.

Therapy Treatment: We deal with the behavioral and mental wellness of patients in the most personalized way. Our individualized alcohol addiction recovery treatments are a complete blend of special therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-Step Facilitation, etc.

Vivitrol Treatment: During the drug detox stage, patients may experience unexpected impulses and cravings for opioids or alcohol. To stop relapses, Naltrexone is injected into the patient’s body which is known as the Vivitrol Treatment.

Co-occurring Disorders: Our patient-centered treatment includes medication for Dual Diagnosis or Co-occurring Disorders, the physical and mental health problems developed as a part of substance abuse.

Sober Living: Avatar, the world-class alcohol and drug recovery center in New Jersey provides an exceptional residential facility that guarantees a tranquil and drug-free living environment capable of giving a sober lifestyle for people.

Aftercare: Formulating an aftercare plan that can support people even after relieving from our drug detox treatments ensures safe and long-term recovery and eliminates relapses.

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    Our drug rehabs alcohol detox centers in New Jersey believes every addiction case is unique, so is the treatment.

    Avatar Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in NJ offers specialized detoxification treatment processes for smooth, speedy, and sober recovery from addiction. Let’s discuss the best possible drug and alcohol detox therapy to combat addiction.

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      Phase 1: Drug Addiction Assessment

      First, our inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey staff will identify the actual need for drug and alcohol detox therapy. This depends on abused drugs, our specialist will distinguish the programs and substance abuse treatments, or rehabilitation therapies required for long-term addiction recovery.

      Phase 2: The Drug rehabs New Jersey Treatment Plan Difference

      Our alcohol detox centers New Jersey treatment plans are not identical for everyone. Based on the severity of the addiction, we customize the treatment plan to get the best possible recovery results. From medicine to diet and therapy, we emphasis on a personalized approach.

      Phase 3: Inpatient drug rehabs in NJ Admission Process

      In this stage, our expert will suggest whether an individual requires our inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey facility or outpatient drug and alcohol detox treatment for a healthy recovery. We are in-network with a major insurance provider and assure a hassle-free admission process.

      Why Our Inpatient Drug Detox Centers New Jersey Are the Best?

      Finding the best inpatient drug rehab center for your needs when searching from California to New Jersey is no easy task. At Avatar Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center located in Ringwood, New Jersey, we offer 10 acres of beautifully landscaped property to set your mind at ease. We are conveniently located 35 miles west of NYC and close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our facility features private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and wi-fi. We pride ourselves on maintaining a Covid-19 free zone; we adhere to all governmental regulations. Please take advantage of our campus’s unique beauty and our unique specialty therapy programs. Our dedicated staff’s investment in each of our clients and our passion is a long-term recovery for you.

      We Accept All Major Health Insurance

      Pick-up and Drop-Off by Avatar

      Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center offers complimentary 24 hours, seven days a week pick-up and drop-off options. Our facility coordinates transportation for individuals with no transportation access to attend their necessary healthcare appointments and Avatar treatments. Special consideration for people with physical disabilities.

      Give us call on +1 (877)-209-1600 schedule your pick-up or drop-off arrangements!

      Avatar inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey provides the best drug and alcohol detox centers in NJ