COVID-19 Updates

Now more than ever, people across the world, especially in the United States, need easy access to quality mental health and addiction recovery services. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the United States has led to isolation, financial struggles, stress, and increasing mental health issues. This means that more Americans are turning to substance abuse to self-medicate for their mental health symptoms.

Keeping in mind the pressing need for quality addiction care, Avatar Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in New Jersey has crafted this Covid-19 document through a culmination of months of careful and diligent planning to ensure that we can operate our facility in a safe and effective way.

alcohol abuse services covid19 at avatar in NJ

Our center offers holistic healing where we treat the disease of addiction as well as its root cause which is often mental health issues. Avatar’s addiction recovery treatments also involve mental health services to aid the client’s recovery and prevent a potential relapse.
We also offer telehealth services, which are safe, convenient, and effective for those who cannot travel or those who are in active recovery.

At Avatar Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center we are committed to your health and safety not only as we face this public health crisis but in life after treatment and throughout your long-term recovery.

What we are currently doing at our facility:

  • Increased Hand Sanitizing Stations
  • Conducting regular health screenings for our staff and clients
  • Compulsory face masks
  • Increasing our sanitation and cleaning routines
  • Following all social distancing norms
  • Minimizing contact wherever possible
  • Following other safety guidelines to keep our clients and staff safe.

Above all, our team is committed to our patients’ safety, comfort, and recovery. We do not just meet national and global safety and addiction healthcare practice standards, we exceed them.