Color Therapy for Addiction Treatment in NJ

Create your path to recovery with our professional color therapy programs. At Avatar Residential Detox Center, color therapy is conducted to enhance and balance our body’s natural energy.

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Color Therapy for Addiction Treatment at Avatar Residential Detox Center
About Color Therapy

What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy or chromotherapy is categorized as a vibrational healing modality designed to alleviate stress and improve people’s efficiency in suffering from mental health disorders associated with drug addiction.
Colors are the soul and essence of everything around us. It defines the beauty of every matter that sums up our universe. The energy of the seven colors of the spectrum is associated with the seven energy chakras (energy points) of the human body. The balance of these chakras in our bodies is necessary to lead a healthy and sound life.

Color Therapy and Detox

Color Therapy for Addiction Treatment

According to studies, colors can control the emotions and stress levels of the human mind. The psychological effects of colors evoke various human emotions and help people focus and heal themselves to attain peace and calm. Our specialty therapycenter offers world-class color therapists with strong professional skillsets to facilitate our color relaxation therapy programs. In life, we associate with colors from our early stages of learning. Therefore colors play a significant role in the inner consciousness of our mind. The relationship between color therapy and chakras defines the healing efficiency of color therapy.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Color Therapy in Ayurveda

Color therapy in Ayurveda has clearly defined the importance of colors in improving a person’s holistic wellness. Colors spread an aura for our senses and leave an impact on every aspect of our self. The Ayurvedic concept of color therapy prevents and treats the imbalance of three Doshas (humor or forces present in the human body).

Seven colors that resonate with seven chakras of our body :

  1. 1. Violet – Crown Chakra
  2. 2. Indigo – Brow Chakra
  3. 3. Blue – Throat Chakra
  4. 4. Green – Heart Chakra
  5. 5. Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
  6. 6. Orange – Sacral Chakra
  7. 7. Red – Base Chakra

Therapy Programs

Benefits of Color Therapy for Drug Detox

When trying to find the most likely treatments to help an individual recover from mental health disorders, including addiction, color therapy is a good option. Our Color Therapy Center in NJ creates a peaceful and harmonious environment for effective detox treatments and promotes long-term addiction recovery.

Some of the advantages of color therapy are:

  • Healing And Motivation For Healing
  • Increases The Efficiency of Detox Treatments
  • Stimulating Oxygen in the Body
  • Alleviates depression symptoms
  • Increase Appetite
  • Improved Sleep
Color Therapy for Substance Abuse at Avatar Residential Detox Center
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Color Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Color therapy chooses the universal meanings applied to colors and helps clients control their emotions and emotional responses. Visualization and meditation are also components of color therapy. At Avatar, we believe the more alternative therapies you incorporate into your treatment plan, the more likely you will be to have a breakthrough experience that places you on track for life-long recovery.

Addiction Recovery

Color Therapy for Addiction Treatment in NJ

The color therapists at Avatar Residential Detox Center are experienced in restoring balance and harmony to our clients through color psychology and color therapy. We offer this therapy as a positive addition to our rehabilitation programs. The color relaxation treatment in NJ at Avatar will help you to heal and grow holistically. Get connected with one of our expert color therapists.

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