Meet Our Drug Rehabs New Jersey Addiction Specialists

Our team offers much more than just addiction treatments. The addiction specialists at Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center are driven to provide the best therapies for those who want to combat addiction issues that challenge their personal and professional lives. We assure health recovery from the addiction!

Avatar Drug rehabs New Jersey is home to those who suffer from behavioral health and addiction issues that challenge their personal and professional life. We assure healthy recovery from addictions and related issues. Our efficient and expert team of rehabilitation professionals understands, analyses, and cures our patients’ physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Our team aspires to listen and handle the ailments and concerns of the patient and their family.

Being one of the best drug rehabs in New Jersey, Avatar Alcohol and Drugs Recovery Center offers:

  • The best crew and equipment to facilitate high-quality care and treatment
  • Regular tracking of the process and progress of healing
  • Safe, healthy, and personalized treatment
  • Available to support you throughout the journey
  • Natural peaceful oasis away from the city but well-connected
  • Patient-centered care from our team.

Know More About Our Therapy Specialists

At Avatar inpatient drug rehabs NJ recovery center, we have expert psychiatrist, behavioral health experts, medical experts and clinicians on site. Our holistic team of professionals support and care for our patients’ absolute wellness. They are proficient in handling various psychological ailments, mental disorders, behavioral health disorders and addictive behaviors. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment staff conducts a detailed study and analysis of every case. they deliver the necessary treatments to our patients to recover from addiction and sustain long-term recovery and sobriety. We have experienced, registered and certified psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses to deliver the best drug treatments in New Jersey.

We aim for a tranquil recovery for each of our patients. The staff at Avatar Rehab is selected after a detailed examination of their qualifications and skills. You will find the most beneficial and proper drug treatments under the guidance of highly-qualified professionals and specialists. With the best rehabilitation treatments, we ensure the stability of our patients’ physical, mental, and emotional state. We join hands to help you experience a healthy life without addiction.

Avatar inpatient drug rehabs New Jersey provides the best drug and alcohol detox centers in NJ

Meet Our Team

Pinal PatelCEO and Founder
Dr. Lionel AnicetteMedical Director
Ruth Jean-Marie
Ruth Jean-MarieChief Administrator Officer